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Wajah - Dada Malinda Dee Palsu

Wajah - Dada Malinda Dee Palsu Shrewdness Inong Melinda Malinda aka Dee in tinkering with clients' money was remarkable. Search results while investigating the Directorate of Special Economic Criminal Investigation Police II, Malinda using eight bank accounts. Two of them on his behalf.

That six, that the join account. But, there are traces of banking crimes in the account, "said Inspector General Police Headquarters Kadivhumas Anton Bachrul Alam at his office, was temporarily suspended eight accounts to expedite the investigation process.

Police found traces of the eight accounts from accounts of three victims who report to Criminal Investigation. "Once traced, the funds transferred to eight accounts," said the former police chief of East Java.

Having successfully seized a Hummer, two Ferraris, and Mercedes Benz evening, investigators are now looking for a car owned by Malinda Alphard. "Later when the associated yes seized. Also, some properties and apartment," he said.

Malinda known to have several apartments in the capital. Among the Capital Residence, Pacific Place, and the Oakwood apartments. According to Anton, confiscation carried out since the first focus of investigators is asset recovery. "Including the existing overseas," he said.

All day yesterday, the Police Criminal Investigation building front yard like a luxury car showroom. Many employees and police cars lined picture taken at the Ferrari F430 scuderria DEE B5, Mercedes Benz E 350 B 467 QW, and Ferrari parked B125 DEE investigator at the front entrance.

"It will be uploaded on my facebook and twitter, pretty cool ride," said Sita Police Headquarters staff of civil servants who asked his friend to fetch the image.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department Police Headquarters Komjen Ito Sumardi explains, Malinda customer losses continued to rise. "It is now USD 20 M, but it also recently while, still can (plus, Red)," Ito said yesterday.

Moreover, there is still a client or customer Malinda who are reluctant or embarrassed to report. "Our commitment, confidentiality will be protected. After all this privacy, I also ask my friends (the media, Red) do not all open," said Ito.

Ito optimistic customer loss could be restored. "We do not want this case such as the Century. The police have got a commitment from the bank. Therefore, for those who become victims do not hesitate to report," he said.

Yesterday afternoon, the husband of Malinda, Andhika Gumilang come to Police Headquarters. Using the Honda CR-V cars white, tobacco advertising star was just about 25 minutes in the building Transnational Crime Centre.

Down from the building, Andhika who covered his face with the hat walk hurried to his car. "I'm not part of it, I'm just giving support," said the artist born in 1989 (22 years) it.

Andhika ignored reporters' questions about its relationship with Malinda. Sory yes, I hurried, "he said as he drove. Andhika come alone.

Separately, the source Java Post called, has been traveling back and forth Malinda Singapore. "From his passport records, a dozen times a year," he said yesterday.

Allegedly, Malinda to Singapore not to take care of the assets but to care for her beauty. "Yesterday publicist had to say yes, it's all fake boss. Nose surgery, eyelash surgery, let alone his chest," the source said.

Anton Bachrul Alam was already said that Malinda's face is now no longer original.

Malinda is very well known in the networking capital of the jet set lady. He diligently attended a fashion show events and expert strolled on the catwalk. Malinda also in the fashion show event at the hotel For You Women Indonesia Honor.

In one photograph circulating on social networking, Malinda also attended the exhibition of paintings on the theme of Universal Style at the Ritz Carlton January 8, 2008. In the photograph, photographed with his wife Malinda deputy governor of West Java Sendy Dede Yusuf. But until last night yet to receive confirmation Java Post apaka Sendy know Malinda or just a picture taken together by chance.

Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi explain police were still looking for networking Malinda. According to Ito, the white colar crime or white collar crime, usually the perpetrators did not act alone. Usually, there are other actors involved.

Therefore, now the team of Special Economic Criminal Investigation Directorate II Police are conducting a possible deepening of the other figures involved in burglary cases these customer funds.

We will develop the network. So the eyes of the chain is being grown. We will see who is responsible for the lower-level managerial or second Malinda. There are records, documents that have been confiscated, "he said

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