Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Artis Seksi Arumi bachin pulang

Artis Seksi Arumi bachin pulang |Bachsin Arumi finally came home after his parents picked up by the House of DPD / RI despite shocked and screaming do not want to go home when his parents go to mediation meeting room.

Family drama from movies and Arumi Bachsin movie player who left the house since late October 2010, finally returning to the embrace of her parents.

You see, the case was already in-Arumi SP3 (Termination Warrant Investigation) by the Police, then the Agency has no authority anymore. I also have coordinated with the police chief, "said a member of the DPD, AM Fatwa reporters when met at the House of DPD-RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (20 / 5).

 However, slanting the news was immediately denied by auntie Arumi, Lusi Bachsin. "I need to straighten this news because I have met Arumi. I said, my niece, Arumi, not pregnant," said Louise, in the Agency Building, Jalan Proclamation, Central Jakarta.

With a firm tone, Lusi told not see the signs of pregnancy on the body of the film star's Not For Sale. "I do not see those traits in Arumi pregnant," he said.

Let me more clearly, Lusi convincing indeed seen a change in self Arumi. But only on her cheeks that look more obese than ever before.
Furthermore, AM Fatwa said that if the investigation termination letters carrying out this Friday. That's why a meeting.

As of today, yesterday Agency has submitted a formal letter asking for help so that I could be a mediator and facilitate the return of Arumi, "said the former Vice Chairman of the MPR.

Arumi who came upon the invitation of the Jakarta DPD, AM Fatwa, the DPD RI Building, Senayan, Friday (20 / 5), finally meet her parents after undergoing mediation approximately 1 hour in one room building DPD / RI, Senayan, with attended by parents and members of DPD DKI Jakarta, AM Fatwa, and the general secretary of LPSK.

At around 18:10 pm, Arumi who wore a white shirt-sweater was finally brought home by his parents with a black Innova driving numbered B 1509 PFV.After a meeting with all parties, Arumi and his family, finally Arumi taken home by his parents. Because the task LPSK is over, "said AM Fatwa who become mediators Arumi and parent meeting at the House of DPD / RI, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (20 / 5).

According Arumi's mother, Mrs. Lilian Maria Pesch, he is very happy to finally be bringing his son home. "Thank God, he came home dong. Everything is finished," he said at the House of DPD.

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