Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

OVJ Angkat Cerita "Asal Mula Lumpia"

OVJ Angkat Cerita "Asal Mula Lumpia" |Welcoming the anniversary of Semarang that the 464, Trans7 through one of its award-winning program, Opera Van Java (OVJ), ready to enliven and entertain citizens of Hyderabad with a fresh joke that would invite the audience laughter in the Field of Simpang Lima, Semarang, Monday (2 / 5) start at 15:00 (tapping) and at 20.00 (live).

Earlier, at 09.00, the artists comprising OVJ Parto, Sule, Andre, Aziz Nunung Stuttering and wine will be with the team around the city of Semarang Fishing Mania, Impressions Adventurers, and the Editors. This artist's parade route will travel with the start of Sisingamangaraja Jl-Jl Sultan Agung, Jl S Parman-Jl Dr Sutomo-Kalisari-Tugumuda Fur-Market-Garden Madukoro Indraprasta-Jl-Jl Imam Bonjol-Tugumuda Pandanaran-Jl-Jl Mugas-Park KB-Jl Pahlawan Field-and ends in Simpang Lima.

Laugh Sule, Stuttering Aziz, Parto, Andre Taulani and friends can make you laugh satisfied. Their jokes are fresh plus the actions of ignorant players who make the show Opera Van Java favored some viewers.

Sule arguably become the most hilarious comedian on the show Opera Van Java Trans 7. Celetukannya and expression guaranteed to make a lot of audience laughter.

Azis Name Stuttering increasingly popular since the jokes at the Opera Van Java. Character is often a month thereafter opponent makes himself characterized.

Parto is no longer identified with the group who raised his name Patrio buffoonery. Opera Van Java further catapulted his name. Moreover Parto no less funny than Sule or Gagap.Andre Taulani Aziz seems to finding his star as a comedian. In Opera Van Java, his career continued to shot. Andre used to be known as the vocalist

BN Yustina Paramita, producer Trans7 in Room Amarta Grand Temple-the Gallery Hotel, Sunday (1 / 5) afternoon, said on shownya later, OVJ will bring thestory''titled''Hanuman vs Anggodo at 15.00 (tapping) and "Origin At Lumpia "which was broadcast live by Trans7 on at 20:00.

"We are delighted to be involved to perform and enliven the 464th anniversary of the city of Semarang. For the convenience of the spectators, are expected to Semarang residents can bring a cushion or mat so that there is no crush," says Paramita.

Action hilarious OVJ artists will be supported by a guest appearance as Ussy Sulistiawati, Wendy, Jenifer Bachdim, and Chris John, and one artist from Hyderabad is still a secret as a surprise to the audience.

"The plan, the mayor of Semarang H Soemarmo OVJ will join the team," says Paramita accompanied by Anita Wulandari, Marketing Public Relations Dept. Head Trans7.

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