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Video Skandal Ariel Diangkat Film

Video scandal involving Ariel and several artists were filmed in the title of "Due Intercourse Free (APB) 2". Pictures & Film Production BIC Productions Partner is soon to enter this week's shooting.

Directed by APB 2, Findo Purnomo confirmed that the film is lifted from the true story of the latter crowded mass media reported it. It's just actors or the characters changed. Screenwriters Aviv Elham change leaders to Denis for the figure of Ariel, Rasti (for Luna Maya) and Tiara (Dance Cut).

Other girls who become victims of them Earl Denis playboy who figure is actually the Lia Amalia (wife Ariel) and Monica. The latter is not yet know who portray the figure in the story of Ariel scandal video.

Producer APB 2, HM Word Star optimistic he made the film will be booming, at least equal to the outstanding first sequel APB April 2010 then.

As in the real story, narrated in love with Denis establish Rasty. The relationship secretly, though several times had caught reporters. In addition to the Rasty, Denis also secretly in a relationship with Tiara, an artist who already has a husband and children.

One time Denis lost his laptop where the video store that has been done with several women. Denis beard like fire, was furious, and immediately accused Jimmy yanag intentionally spreading the video page. Quarrels and fights between Denis and Jimmy re-occur.

Rasty not less angry when he learned the video is lost. They persevere. Then the news in the media mentions that the video scandal Denis and Rasty been circulated widely via the internet. Then followed the video Denis and Tiara, then with Monica, a singer who also once slept Denis.

This news became very excited in the community and be the center of conversation from the bottom up to the palace. Demonstrations were held against the video. At the same time Denis and Rasty escape, the fear of being judged an angry mob. One time Hendra, father Denis who was devastated to see Denis and asked him to surrender.

The film produced by Aviv Elham was lifted from a true story, but he did not want to refer to some prominent people who have had the story. As a result of Intercourse Free Movies 2 is planned to be aired in theaters on May 12, 2011.

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