Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Foto hot dugem Ibas-BCL

Foto hot dugem Ibas-BCL |Democratic Party spokesman, Ruhut Sitompul, denied the photo guy like Edhis Baskoro Yudhoyono (Ibas) with several people, including artists Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) that circulate in the last two days.

Picture it, continued Ruhut, circulated only to character assassination against Ibas.

"In my opinion, it's not her picture Ibas. Only character assassination Ibas. Like the big tree in the wind, Ibas like that. However, its roots are strong. So, maybe not waver for things like that," he said, today.

Ruhut added, if the right is a photo Ibas and interest, according to him, then it is not something to be unproblematic.

Just compare Ibas past and present. Maybe that first photo. Incidentally now, right, he was a member of the Board. It's not different. If the BCL, it's not been married before, so it is natural that friends with whom he wrote. If the child Ibas President, indeed baseball should make friends with others, he said.

Some photo-like Ibas and BCL disseminated through bulletin "Opponent" by NGOs flag in one of their action. One photo showed the two were several other people in an odd place.

One photo shows Ibas and BCL and some friends at a shopping mall in Australia. Looks at the second picture, Ibas and BCL are always side by side. Finally, photos Ibas participate in watching the show together, which is part of the promotion of Danish products beer, Carlsberg. Not only that, there are also some photos showing the luxurious life of officials' children, including Ibas fiance, Siti Rubi Aliya Rajasa.

Furthermore, Ibas also reluctant to provide clarification when a reporter showed a picture that was published in a flyer. Earlier, in a bulletin "Opponent" Flag NGOs have published photographs allegedly Ibas with BCL artist in Australia. In addition, there are also photos Ibas when he joined the show to watch with my promotion of Danish products, Carlsberg.

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