Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Video Skandal Mahasiswa Hebohkan Pacitan

Video Skandal Mahasiswa Hebohkan Pacitan Still remember the case of pornographic video artist who stir some time ago? This time immoral cases occurred in the 1001 City of Goa.

Because of a porn movie obsessed artist, a pair of lovers in Pacitan desperate to capture exciting scene during lovemaking. Unfortunately, the video had fallen into the hands of others and had spread through HP.

Immoral acts that allegedly involving two teenagers. Each actor man with the initials WR (23) who is a 3rd semester student of a university with PS (17), one vocational school student in Pacitan.

"Inspired by a video artist," said investigator WR answering questions about the motives of his actions.

Information compiled, wanton act was deliberately filmed to document their own. Somehow, the original scenes files stored on HP's suspect WR, eventually changing hands to HP's HS (24).

From the hands of citizens of the Village Temple, District Pringkuku reason, these hot movie spread everywhere. In a video recording lasted about 20 minutes, two different types of creatures that seemed to do a scene like a husband and wife.

The case itself is uncovered following a report from a witness who claimed to have sent the files of suspects HS. Starting from the report, police later development. As a result, the team managed to arrest two suspects Reskrim at once. Each WR and HS.

"Both we have secured for examination. While some of the files already spread we seek to eliminate," said PPA Sukimin, Kasatreskrim Pacitan Police told reporters at his office on Saturday (28/05/2011).

In this case, police used a different legal snares in processing the two suspects. WR suspect snared Law number 23 of 2002 on Child Protection.

While HS alleged role as disseminator subjected Uu Pornography and the Law of Information and Electronic Transaction with the threat of jail sentences of 10.

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