Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Foto Hot Briptu Norman Kamaru Berciuman

Foto Hot Briptu Norman Kamaru Berciuman First Brigadier Norman Kamaru a policeman who sings the song Chaiya Chaiya in lip sync seems to instantly become famous, where many of his tweeps supporting themselves for First Brigadier norman Kamaru not punished by his superiors. because its intention is purely entertaining. This is not a violation of the code of ethics. Norman humane side that looks at dance, should not be rewarded with punishment by superiors.

"First Brigadier Norman proves that within every person, there is a passion for dancing in India," says celebrity blogger Raditya tweet and Dika, "Anyone who admit singer & lipsync from now on, if not more cool Dr. Norman First Brigadier better dealt with so many forces , "writes Glenn in his Twitter account. Reportedly there is also a group on facebook dedicated to supporting action norman First Brigadier Kamaru very entertaining.

but once the rise of a First Brigadier norman was approached by slanting news photographs that allegedly First Brigadier Norman Kamaru smooch with a woman is widespread in cyberspace.

In the photograph, the alleged First Brigadier Norman Kamaru was kissing a woman.

The photo was spread and so the conversation since the uploaded material on the site discussion forum Kaskus.us. upload named accounts, Follower.

Follower admitted he got the photos from your facebook account owned by women are kissing with the alleged First Brigadier Norman Kamaru it. The pictures were already dipublis since 3 May.

Blasphemy police also came to a sudden abrupt lypsing famous through action in this YouTube. In addition, many were disappointed.

Until now there has been no official confirmation from the concerned whether the photo was indeed himself, others or engineering. Police Headquarters who make Norman as an ambassador, has not reacted.

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