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Foto Hot Jupe, Ririn Setyarini

Foto Hot Jupe, Ririn SetyariniRecently circulated pictures of naughty sexy actress and model Ririn Setyarini in cyberspace. In the photo Ririn seen posing with Julia Perez middle.

This time, Ririn pose very different from the earlier photographs. Ririn posing with a mischievous and seductive right next to Julia Perez pose with both hands squeezing her breasts Ririn.

According to the sexy model who was born in Manado March 23, 1989, he was accustomed to look sexy in their daily life. Film Pocong Mobile, The Burglar Tombs and Satan are films that have starred Ririn.

horror movie titled 'Oath [this] Pocong' this is going to reap the controversy again. Jupe Though not yet able to calm the controversy over condom in her new album.

Since the beginning Jupe admitted to not knowing there would be nude scenes. All because of his error which was not carefully reading the manuscript. Finally he had to undergo an already signed contract agreement.

Fortunately her husband, Damien did not mind Jupe nude scene in the film. "He believes I am a professional," said Jupe

"I was shocked," she sighed as she shed tears short. Julia Perez himself did not deny that the photo is indeed her. He acknowledged, the photo was taken in mid-2006 in a photo shoot for an internet site. There are two photo shoots are done at the time, an unusual scene in the first session and second session with exciting poses. However, he stressed that the photographs on the second session is not for publication.

However, on the front page of a newspaper circulating capital today, looking hot photos Julia Perez pose with almost no wear. Bottom covered only by a piece of red cloth, while her breasts covered only two hands.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Dwi Heri Sulistyawan SH, Julia asked for protection and requested the police to prove the perpetrator distributing the photos. He immediately reported this case because it believed that he was innocent and he did not pass it to seek sensation. He was accused of only looking worried sheer popularity.

According to Dwi, his client reported the newspapers who spread the photos were based on Article 338 of the Criminal Code concerning the abuse of rights and Copyright Law 19/1992 concerning article 72 in conjunction with 75. According to her, his client as a victim and not the party who pass it on. Photo exciting it to a private collection, but it was distributed without permission of the rights and Julia.

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