Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Foto Vulgar Aisyahrani ciuman

Foto Vulgar Aisyahrani ciumanAisyahrani brother once asked the manager Syahrini exciting photos to unpublished. Rani so he called, begged and cried.

I asked for help, the photographs do not have to be published again. Closed course, Rani said, when contacted via phone on Saturday (14 / 5) evening.

The images are classified Nudity. The photos are similar Syahrini and Aisyahrani appeared recently in cyberspace. There are about 4 pictures that displays vulgar images. In one photograph, for example, women who are similar to Syahrini was lying on the bed.

Besides, Rani did not want a lot of comments. Women who choose a mole on the left side of his lips was like really shocked by the release of these photos.

I can not talk a lot first. I had no comment for now, says Rani as she finished the interview,

Recently appeared similar sexy photos Syarini singer and her sister, Rani. Poses in the photo is quite seductive and sensual body display section Syahrini and Rani.

There are countless seven photographs that have been scattered. And the photos were pretty much invite negative reactions from the public.

In one photograph, for example, women like Rani was kissing her lips with a man. While the other photographed, and Rani Syahrini naughty posing with the body's top open.

Even more scandalous, in the photographs, there are two other terknal artist, that Barry Manilow and VJ Daniel Mananta.

In the photo man wearing a hat and sweater-like Barry Manilow middle affectionate embrace similar Syahrini woman in a room.

Meanwhile, another image, like a woman dressed in white Syahrini middle embraced three men with a very happy face. And one of the men were similar to VJ Daniel Mananta.

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