Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Foto Pacar Dara The Virgin Aruna Seven Dream

Dara The Virgin and Aruna Drummer Sevendream own courtship blurted from the mouth of the close friends of the girls, namely the Mitha.

Along the way to Jember, East Java, use the bus, Dara continued to face flushed. Because the owner of this red hair, constantly seduced by the passenger bus specifically designed to bring members of the band. Aruna name, band drummer Seven Dream, continually referred to. "So there are new rumors ya, Dara began to like it at Aruna, drum players," said Mitha that directly create Dara sulking by not talking, and sat with her face flushed.

Dara beautiful girl born in Tasikmalaya August 9 1991 formerly known as Dara Mamamia now known again as Dara The Virgin and on the rise with The Virgin Band under the auspices of the Republic of Ahmad Dhani is his love.

Show disebuah reality show that was broadcast by television station Indosiar, has brought the fragrant names Dara when it is, and the more success achieved by Dara when officially joined together Mitha in The Virgin Band.

The Virgin band indeed was the fruit of lips lately, and it appears that the proliferation profile of The Virgin samakin band sought after by the people through popular media today is the Internet.

Here is a song called Man Most Sexy is hosted by Dara when singing to Mamamia Show some time ago, and the following video was posted to video sharing site youtube.com since July 2008

Do not be opened. I again boyfriend in India. Sharukh Khan, Dara said he continued to play a blackberry. Not until there alone, Mitha constantly teased vocalist in the band The Virgin is. brother (call Mitha at Dara-Red), Seven Dream've got buses, continue to have the inn as well, ya rich brother, said that increasingly made Mitha Dara immersed in a bus seat.

Dara was never close with Aruna. Even the few times they could talk seriously during a concert to welcome the band's birthday. But every time I approached Aruna, Dara tried to herald the camera does not capture the moment. "Let ah already," said Dara ask for no more talking about Aruna, who greeted the passengers Bus laughter.

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