Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Video Syahrini Pingsan Bukan Empat Mata

Video Syahrini Pingsan Bukan Empat Mata The person most surprised by her fainting Syahrini singer is Tukul Arwana, the article Syahrini fainted when a guest in the event that , NOT 4 EYE.

I panicked, shocked, there are no guest stars like that. He was present in my program, as a professional. After the segment 5, there is a photo sharing session. But out of love pictures, direct unconscious until her lipstick stuck into my hand. He had said, 'I'm upset, cold sweat, "he said after visiting Syahrini Tukul in room 710 Medistra Hospital, on Thursday (26 / 5).

Tukul see Syahrini conditions are still weak and would not eat. "Did he eat, it seems baseball is too much. Perhaps less appetite. He said you'd take a break. He said symptoms of typhoid, so it should be lots of rest," added comedian from Semarang, Central Java.

Besides tired of having to undergo the tour, the irregular pattern of life also made ​​weight drop singer. During a gig in some cities, sleeping and eating patterns become irregular Syahrini.

Yes indeed lack of sleep, and eat less. Eating a mess. The term not eat regularly, and sleeping less. Become less good condition, eating less correct, and we went back to Jakarta fitting look like yesterday, "he said.

In addition, malnutrition is also another cause of fainting Syahrini. Before an event NOT FOUR EYES, the woman was eating meatballs and somay that is too spicy.

After singing the song I'm Not Normal, sexy Syahrini limp body fell to the floor. His head hit the floor. Presenter of the event, Tukul Arwana, and a number of direct crew swiftly carry Syahrini exit from the stage. The event was immediately cut the live ad.

Not yet clear what caused the virgin who likes to wear accessories that glitters fainted. As a result of fainting, today appeared on the show canceled Syahrini Strikes in RCTI. In fact, he is scheduled to fill the show with Sam and a new duet partner, Ashanty

It was delivered Tukul after itinerant singer hits 'You Have I' is at Medistra Hospital, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/26/2011). "Startled and panicked because there is no guest stars like like that," he said.

Before falling unconscious, the man who has the full name Tukul Riyanto admitted had received a complaint from a woman from Sukabumi it. According to him, the former duet partner had confessed Anang Hermansyah is weak and cold sweat.

Seeing the condition of women born August 1, 1982 which is currently lying low in the hospital, Tukul feel sympathetic and to pray for the player the movie 'The Maling Kuburans' speedy recovery.

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