Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Olga Meninggal Dunia

Olga Syahputra reportedly died in Singapore, Friday (27/03/2015) afternoon. Apparently, the family had gone there since morning.

This was revealed by assistant Billy Syahputra, Maria told detiHOT. According to him, Billy until now also could not be reached.In Singapore this morning he was there. Until now, Billy Bang could not be reached," he said. 
Olga is the younger brother when some time ago stating the condition of his brother has begun to improve. 
Reportedly, Olga died at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore at the age of 32 years. Olga is known a year undergoing treatment there. 
The comedian has been known to suffer from meningitis. Additionally, Tika Bisono, in an interview some time ago revealed that Olga had lymph stage 4.
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Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Rossa dan Afgan Bepose Mesra

Rossa admitted having a special relationship with the Afghans. However, the special relationship is not like a pair of lovers, but as brothers.Rossa and Afghans have often collaborated in a number of places. Not surprisingly, Erwin Velasquez asked Rossa keep ahead of the Afghan concert on February 2015. "Afgan it already I regard as my own brother. often sharing that want to make the same concert Erwin Velasquez. We want wujudin tuh her dream, so it's sharing how collaboration at Erwin, and others. Well om Erwin believe I can guard him, "Rossa said when met at Sudirman, South JakartaAfghans who will hold a concert expected to maintain vocal quality and attention to health. Rossa considered Erwin Velasquez assume those duties. "I told you to do Erwin tuh just in her vocal quality that enables you to view in concert and be tired baseball, baseball should continue to eat carelessly, and I'm sure Afgan and Erwin Velasquez will display the best thing," he said.
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Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

Foto Hot Briptu Rani Tersebar di Internet

Brigadier Rani also claimed a number of policewomen are often ridiculed calls boss tempting artist and artist lifestyle tub.

When talking with merdeka.com, Brigadier Rani denies it all. He said before he could get along with his colleagues in the Police Mojokerto. But there are some people who cynically at him. The policewoman, who spread negative news about Rani.There is a rank AKP, named Lili, she told me to live in luxury, naughty woman several years I heard him talk begituan continue police man he say so," said Brigadier Rani, Monday (13/6). 

According to Rani, because the actions of people that the others affected. Though Rani claimed never to live in luxury.Their views are not good to me, makes me uncomfortable, how can service well, there I said sarcastically, but there ngekos my own," he admitted sadly.
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Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Foto Toples Nikita Mirzani Twitter

Avatar Nikita Mirzani Twitter Topless Photo Exhibition still rule the various Timeline on the social networking site Twitter. To the extent that "Coins To Buy Beha" stated fellow artists who've just finished Twitwar some time ago. Yesterday   shock photo circulating jars, eh now even giveaway.

When deciding set worship Umrah, Nikita Mirzani had received a positive response from the public, with a background of "sexy" inherent in self artist.Unfortunately, after returning from Umrah, the virgin birth of Jakarta, March 17, 1986 is even more makes "Heat" universe of entertainment with the latest news about him. In addition to status about girlfriend who is still a husband man, although now divorced, until the circulation one by one picture is reportedly the latest topless accidentally released". "Niki did not want to be a hypocrite" No need closed, an important clean heart, baseball people, not prayer-perforated holes, "

Starting from hot blonde image that was photographed by a professional photographer, to catapult itself, the circulation of these sexy photos enliven the end of Ramadan. Shock to the circulation had claimed her hot photos, latest new artist Rizky Sharena  Twittter is actually installed one hot picture is Avatar Twitter.
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Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Foto Seksi Dewi Persik Pembukaan Euro 2012

EURO 2012 event was celebrated everywhere, including the opening ceremony. Dewi Persik not even miss it, look sexy bikini to enliven the opening of Euro 2012 at a nightclub in Jakarta. Depe appearance was known later as a picture with a red bikini and then circulated on the Internet. He looks very sexy with the blonde hair looks Picture New taken in a nightclub in the area Hayam Wuruk, West Jakarta. Depe has confirmed the photo is the footage looks. But the owner of the original name of the Great Goddess Murya denied her wearing a bikini. He argued, it is only the clothes worn belly dance. "That belly dance clothes fit the concept of the Romans. It libel anyone tell me if you wear a bikini," he said.
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Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Foto Hot Ovy Rif dan Roberta Raina

Photo of Roberta Raina Tata New Girlfriend Ovy Rif surprisingly enough gossip lovers homeland.Because, in addition to news and Raina Ovy Rif Dating Roberta has been since February, as well as differences in age and status of the two couples who fall in love again. Eits Eitss, All For LoveRock musician whose real name is 2 times Noviar Rachmansyah fail.Married first foster home that has been blessed with two children, end up in the Religious. Unfortunately, second marriages performed in Mecca May 23, 2007 with Titi DJ, again, have run aground in the Religious Tigaraksa, Tangerang (Banten), past the end of 2011. But, do not have to wait long for Guitarist / rif is to re-find the back of the heart. In February 2012, two months after the divorce decision knock hammer, Ovy together with a young girl came to light.In a twitter account, the father of Grace Andaviar Axel and Keisha Rizkia just short answer questions with brief answers his followers, There is another explanation more about the unknown identity of cute virgin named Raina aka Roberta's Tata.
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Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Gambar Asha Shara Hamil

Asha Shara artist seems to have determined to marry. This was demonstrated by including her marriage to file Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

True, marriage is entering the application file to the KUA Setiabudi. Asha planned to be married Sunday, April 1, 2012, "said KUA Setiabudi PR Afifah when contacted via telephone on Monday (3/19/2012). If nothing gets in the way, Asha will be married at the Crown Plaza Hotel, South Jakarta at 09.30 pM. Mr Saidi will lined up as the prince.

Safiek Mas family who enter. If for details I do not know exactly when. But as far as I have long, "he continued lagi.Afifah also explained that the file is submitted is complete. To witness, in detail.Takutnya Afifah not know his name is written now as the day may change. If the dowry usually fit the day," he explained.
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