Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Foto Toples Nikita Mirzani Twitter

Avatar Nikita Mirzani Twitter Topless Photo Exhibition still rule the various Timeline on the social networking site Twitter. To the extent that "Coins To Buy Beha" stated fellow artists who've just finished Twitwar some time ago. Yesterday   shock photo circulating jars, eh now even giveaway.

When deciding set worship Umrah, Nikita Mirzani had received a positive response from the public, with a background of "sexy" inherent in self artist.Unfortunately, after returning from Umrah, the virgin birth of Jakarta, March 17, 1986 is even more makes "Heat" universe of entertainment with the latest news about him. In addition to status about girlfriend who is still a husband man, although now divorced, until the circulation one by one picture is reportedly the latest topless accidentally released". "Niki did not want to be a hypocrite" No need closed, an important clean heart, baseball people, not prayer-perforated holes, "

Starting from hot blonde image that was photographed by a professional photographer, to catapult itself, the circulation of these sexy photos enliven the end of Ramadan. Shock to the circulation had claimed her hot photos, latest new artist Rizky Sharena  Twittter is actually installed one hot picture is Avatar Twitter.

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