Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

Foto Hot Briptu Rani Tersebar di Internet

Brigadier Rani also claimed a number of policewomen are often ridiculed calls boss tempting artist and artist lifestyle tub.

When talking with, Brigadier Rani denies it all. He said before he could get along with his colleagues in the Police Mojokerto. But there are some people who cynically at him. The policewoman, who spread negative news about Rani.There is a rank AKP, named Lili, she told me to live in luxury, naughty woman several years I heard him talk begituan continue police man he say so," said Brigadier Rani, Monday (13/6). 

According to Rani, because the actions of people that the others affected. Though Rani claimed never to live in luxury.Their views are not good to me, makes me uncomfortable, how can service well, there I said sarcastically, but there ngekos my own," he admitted sadly.

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