Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Foto Nakal Nadia Ernesta

Foto Nakal Nadia ErnestaTurn to the artist's personal photos circulated widely Ernesta Barbie in cyberspace. Photos by various naughty poses that totaled 14 pieces with a variety of sexy styles and challenging.

Barbie appears to be wearing bikinis one piece backless black and posing with a number of male and female friends in a closed room, some carried out under dim light the lamp.

Looks like Barbie and her friends at that time was enjoying a party, marked the number of drinks around them.

There are about 13 photographs that circulated among various poses naughty, Three photos appear Barbie posing wearing police hats, of course with one piece still wear backless black color. one of them wearing police attribute, wearing a bikini with thigh you'll enjoy and also there is a case of doing the sex scenes.

With the clothes do not complete and that the police hat, Barbie posing a guy hugging black shirt, one photo with his eyes closed and one more look into the face of Barbie

From the photographs that look exciting though are mediocre, but because wearing police attribute to be excited in addition, the Ghost Train of Manggarai movie stars that look bad with glasses holding a drink while smoking with a black bikini.

The photos of former girlfriend Eno 'Netral' is expected to be uploaded in April 2011 and, until now there has been no official comment from Nadilla or its management.

Until now there has been no official statement from the relevant, are also not known exactly why the personal photos that can be spread on the internet. This photo and add a long list of artists who spread their personal photos to the Internet.

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