Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Artis Cut Tari-Jusuf cerai

Artis Cut Tari-Jusuf ceraiCut Tari not over exposed to gossip is not tasty. Post-video scandal with Ariel 'Peterpan' publicly known, is now Cut Tari and her husband, Joseph reportedly divorced. Really

News Cut Tari divorce with her husband, John Joseph Subrata, back blows. However, the family of former presenter infotainment denied.

Dance with divorce issues these days because her husband blew Dance and Joseph later rarely appear together. Say again, Joseph is now choosing to stay single without Cut Dance at his home in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Cut Tari make an apology to all the people in front of the media. This was done, because the video coverage similar scandal himself increasingly become-so.

Cut Tari doing this petition accompanied by her husband, Joseph Subrata. In fact, the husband who had always with him, also expressed an apology. I personally and on behalf of a large family apologize for the oversight and mistake, "said Joseph.

Joseph was again emphasized that there would be no divorce between him and Dance Cut. "Related news divorce, there is no way to get there. I apologize once again," he asserted.

Cindy regrets slanted news that could not be accounted for that back blows. According to him, Cut Tari domestic life in a state fine.

When visited at his residence on Jl Pondok Kelapa 12, East Jakarta, on Friday (27/05/2011) white house such as uninhabited. Garages are usually parked cars are now empty.

It is rarely home mas son, Joseph, also has not seen play, "said a neighbor whose house was right in front of the residence Cut Tari.

Previously, Joseph was like a very patient faced a video scandal that befell his wife who had given such a daughter. He also claimed to be maintaining family harmony.

News about divorce does not exist. Do not be directed to it, said Joseph when accompanying dance in a press conference at the office of lawyer Hotman Paris, in 2010 and then

The issue of divorce Cut Tari and her husband is not the first time blows. The news spread after their divorce video Cut Tari and Ariel spread. Moreover, when the video was recorded, Cut Tari still existed as the wife of Joseph.

One boy's father, very supportive wife. According to him what his wife was a reasonable mistake as a human.

I see my wife as a creature of God who never make mistakes. And, I was given the right to accompany and protect themselves from tyranny. It was taught to me as a convert to Islam. I'm also not a hypocrite, people do not make mistakes, "said Joseph.

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