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Foto Astrid Laena dan Zamuel Zylgwyn Berpacaran

Foto Astrid Laena dan Zamuel Zylgwyn Berpacaran Singer Astrid Laena hook soap star Samuel Zylgwyn to duet For You. Animates the song, Astrid and Samuel is so intimate.

Both are brought together musicians and songwriter era of the 1980s, Rev. WHL. Not carelessly, he Astrid carry the song. Revelation see great potential held Astrid.

Both Astrid and Samuel did not deny that they were eventually reunited because both have singing talent. Moreover, after the musician and songwriter Revelation WHL, asking for total pervading poetry for poetry in the song For You. From the vocal character of both, as if tervisualisasi really fell in love.

Astrid, insisted he had a dream since childhood wanted to become a professional singer. Although time was opposed to the family and schooled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Puncuk beloved side dish arrived, obsession and even then eventually accomplished. Because, now has managed to penetrate the tape path.

"Long enough, I was with a tough stand still asks his father and mother, so that would give the opportunity to be a singer. Again and again I resisted. However, having met Oom Revelation WHL, ultimately supported, too. Because, Oom Revelation gives confidence to the father and mother, if I say have a strong talent in singing field, "said Astrid, a girl born in Jakarta, January 9, 1993 that, when met in Jakarta, recently.

Because the family had to give maximum support, Astrid did not want to waste that trust. "I should be able to prove that I could become a professional singer. Moreover, the world of drag votes is one option I'm alive," said the couple's daughter is a successful politician and businessman.

While Samuel Zylgwyn, teen soap star, admitted to getting a new challenge. Moreover, he argues, should be a duet with Astrid Laena.

"Before you, if I only own singing. Now be a duet. There is clearly still feeling groggy, then? Just so that, after seeing the movie, I so wanted to succeed also in the path of singing," said the player in the production of soap operas that are still impressions Award in these RCTI

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