Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Foto Vicky Vette Memakai Baju Timnas

Foto Vicky Vette Memakai Baju Timnas Vicky Vette re-upload photos naughty on Twitter recently .this time she posed wearing costumes Indonesian national football team in the photo.

Retweet if you nominate me for # PSSI # GarudaDidaDaku, "writes Vickie few hours ago in Twitter.he added," Like my Jersey? # Garudadidadaku! Retweet it if you like it! "

Women who wear implants in her chest was writing his comments about three hours ago. He did not show evidence that indeed he was the sender of an email with a hot scene, did not also let him know the email Arifinto true. Vicky was fond of joking with the comment on hot-button issues in Indonesia that currently being discussed in Twitter.

Prior to a career as pengumbar lust, Vette said she has worked as an accountant. As the star models and movie stars satisfy lust, Vette had twice to get the award, best video scandal in Amerikas States ie AVN Award (2005), and the Booble Girl of the Year (2008).

Arifinto, photographers captured the Media Indonesia, Mohammad Irfan, was watching a video scandal when he joined the plenary session last Friday. Arifinto derived from the electoral district of West Java II appeared was busy opening the video scandal of tablet computers Samsung Galaxy Tab hers when Speaker of the House Marzuki Alie deliver the closing session of the three-year period 2010-2011.

According to Irfan, he was intrigued when Arifinto open the tablet computer. I zoom, how come there are pictures like that, "he said. He claimed the commission had seen this 5 member board of picking a few videos from the folders on a computer tablet that. Then he opened one of them," said Irfan. According to Irfan, Ari also had a chance to see the video for about a minute. "After it closed," he said.

The testimony was different from the recognition that quibble Arifinto opened his tablet computer as there are incoming electronic mail. "There's a link, I was wondering, when opened, drawing begituan and I delete it," he said.

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