Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Foto Dinda Hauw Potong Rambut

The totality of emerging artists, Dinda Hauw no doubt. The proof, Dinda willing to shave the hair for a role in the movie Small Letter to God.

Film Small Letter to God is the first starring film. Previous Dinda've played a number of advertisements, soap operas and television.

Career dinda kirana in the entertainment world when he was a champion race Notices Stars Television. Due to his career in the entertainment world dinda finally moved to her nickname from its origin in the capital Jakarta in Jakarta, Tasikmalaya is dinda've played in many soap operas and television titles, at the age of 9 years dinda've managed to play more or less in 36 titles and Sinetron FTV. The main role was obtained through the soap opera The Three Uncle Nephew and FTV Girl Chat.

This is the first experience I play movies. Very challenging and fun can be a new experience. Interesting experience when I told the director haircut. For the role I play and I was glad cut, Dinda said when met at the Town Square Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday (06/30/2011).

14 years old girl was admitted experiencing some obstacles in the play. Especially his voice intonation when speaking which sounds less clear when. I little trouble with the intonation of my voice. According to the director, my voice is less clear when talking. But I keep trying to improve, "his determination.

Thanks to its totality acting, Dinda claim to get some offers to play film. After this film, I can offer to play the movie again which worked Mizan Productions, he said.

Dinda wish to go deeper in the role again. With a very young age, Palembang bloody artist has the potential to continue .I want to try more acting with a variety of roles that can add new insights, "he hoped.

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