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Foto hot VJ Daniel – Pretty Asmara- VJ Utt

Foto hot VJ Daniel – Pretty Asmara- VJ UttPresenter Daniel Mananta once again created a sensation. I do not know what he was doing. Whether for the sake of boosting the popularity or what? Previously circulated photographs as if to squeeze breasts naughty singer Syahrini spread in cyberspace. But he denied all out.

Now, Daniel again posing naughty. This time his picture appeared along with comedian Pretty Asmara in cyberspace on Sunday (5 / 6). In the photo is clear that embracing the former MTV VJ artist Pretty Asmara and hands as if squeezing chest-bodied woman who is fertile.In the picture looks like at a discotheque night, VJ Daniel shared an intimate friend was dancing with her ​​male singers and comedians are big.

Seen one of Daniel's friends like to lick VJ Pretty chest. Meanwhile VJ Daniel one hand while holding a glass in one hand longer holds Pretty chestreportedly the first to circulate a photo of Daniel Mananta Pretty squeezing the breast to the internet. presenter turns itself (Daniel), which he uploaded on his Twitter account.

Diane Pretty Asmara or simply known by the name of Pretty Asmara alone, is a soap opera actress as well as comedians. Acting famous contributed shown when the TV series, SARAH 008, where he served as a silly antagonist, son of Mr. fruit. Black.

Pretty lush body become joke material in each appearance, coupled with the style of speech that 'shut' till birth-joke joke that makes laughter. In addition, women born in Jember, 27 September 1977 it has a confident personality so that supports every appearance.

The photos were estimated based on an entertainment night. Daniel wearing a red shirt and cover his face with a glass of Wine. While the man in black is one of his friends predicted that pose VJ Utt naughty as she sticks out her tongue to the chest Pretty.

"@ Vjdaniel: Want to see how CRAZY @ uttsada and I last night?! + _ + Http://twitpic.com/5773mb," wrote Daniel.However tweet along with the photos immediately deleted by Daniel after protests a few people on Twitter. To date, Daniel has not been confirmed.

When confirmed SP, Daniel's assistant named Heru, yet knows it too.I do not know mas. So did Daniel not been confirmed. I'll first check to Daniel, if true. I also just learned from you about the picture, when contacted on Sunday (5 / 6).

Although the photo was not splashy naughty photos with Syahrini, the emergence of these pictures again with a different artist, became a hot issue on twitter.

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