Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Foto Hot Justin Bieber Pijat Kaki Selena Gomez

Foto Hot Justin Bieber Pijat Kaki Selena Gomez Not for the first time Justin treats Selena Gomez with spoiled and loving, be it news or in the presence of an interpreter when they just go together. Hands, cuddle up to the kiss they had never escaped from the news. Until the end of Justin's photo spread foot massage Selena Gomez.

In the photo, Justin was seen massaging the feet Selena is wearing only an orange mini dress. The picture was taken by their friends during the holidays with. what else ya action about to be performed by Justin and make fans feel more and more women are jealous of Selena

Justin had been seen carrying Selena and kissed her, squeezed her buttocks while kissing her lover, also continued to cuddle and hold hands. Even when in the water Justin and Selena also briefly kissing. Likewise, when they rode on the jet ski.

Apart from spend their day at the beach, couples in love can be seen walking and holding hands. At night, Justin and Selena also enjoy a romantic dinner in a special room that incorporates the restaurant kitchen.

Although both celebrity status on the rise, their dating event is far from luxurious. They do not make a romantic date at a fancy restaurant but just enjoy the fresh air and the streets around the venue.

Then, Gomez bought ice cream there along the road they travel. Bieber deftly immediately ordered ice cream for Gomez.

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