Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Cinta Pewe - Okie Agustina Putus

Cinta Pewe - Okie Agustina Putus Throwdown vocalist Pewe ubungan romance with Pasha's widow, Oki Agustina reportedly ended. Both are indeed rarely appear together. They looked affectionately at the celebration of the first child Oki, Keysha is celebrated in Bogor, West Java some time ago. Though their relationship was more than just dating. The plan was never discussed marriage. Even Oki family had visited him in Bandung, nor vice versa.

Currently I do not want to talk first with the relationship I Pewe. Now I try to focus first into a career with D'mantans, "said oki who was recently joined with other women lempat the same boat with him, widowed, when contacted by telephone by a reporter kasakusuk, Lina, Wednesday (8 / 6).

Pewe own when confirmed these relationships also do not want to talk much. "We're fine," she said on the same day. Oki rupture Pewe and Agustina stems from their pic photos that are no longer together. Usually the status Oki always put a sign of love and longing or praise on Pewe.

It has long been true of this profession. It took one year, before finally dared to play alone. Previously I was assisted to help with any other DJ, "said Oki who claimed to learn a lot from the DJ who had a name in Jakarta. And Oki denied if the profession makes having to leave her three children, because play from night till dawn." Why not also. I tried running it with a balanced, child care yes, yes nge-DJ, "said Oki to kasakusuk.com some time ago.

Pewe support these activities. Even if you have time to spare, Throwdown vocalist continues to be beside it. "He supports the right, even if there is time accompany me," said Oki who admitted starting addicted nge DJ. There is a satisfaction to every new sound mix. Especially if his audience, swaying and enjoying the sounds of the DJ's desk

Some time ago, Keisha cranky when touched on her father's marriage with Adeline Wilhelmina. He threatened not want to speak to the media, when asked about it.Keisha did show the attitude of not accepting her father's wedding plans since late 2010. In fact, she had spontaneous tears, so to see her father with Adeline on television.

Okie also admitted, when Keisha also said that out loud did not want to have a new father. But over time, Keisha was able to accept.The proof, he began to open and support if vocalist Throne, Phewe, want to marry her mother, Okie Agustina.

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