Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Foto Pacar baru Nuri Maulida- Jeje Domino

News closeness between patron Nuri Maulida with Domino band's drummer, Jeje more and more evident. Although not yet recognized the rope of love between them, but the look on his face and gestures are shy when interviewed by enough to make people can judge for yourself what is the relationship between both of them. We gossip because it is more close to a project I was singing that produced the same Jeje.

Maulidia artist born in Bandung, 22 November 1985 This is a soap opera player while the player who has Indonesian movie on the screen long enough. Nuri familiar greeting that was often encountered in several soap operas that have a pretty good rating in the world pertelivisian Indonesia. Soap operas are very attached to him that soap opera "Love Season 3 Fitri."

Movie Nuri Maulida still seems to be ashamed to share her love story to the public. His relationship with Ferry Ardiansyah which ran aground in the middle of the road makes Nuri more careful if you want to reveal who the man who was with him now. Even Nuri himself was reluctant to comment on that at this time reportedly began to establish special relations with one of the members of the band Domino.

Domino Drummond said that he was indeed pretty close to Nuri Maulida movie one of the players Love Fitri. Admittedly, the relationship with the Nuri has not been too long established about three months ago. When interviewed by this newspaper, Jeje still looked embarrassed to admit the existence of a special relationship with Nuri.

Meanwhile, Nuri Maulida when commenting on one of the private TV stations are still sheepish admitted dating Jeje. Togetherness Nuri with Jeje long as it's awakened from a working relationship that is being prepared both for the month of Ramadan later. During the joint Nuri, many sweet virgin nature that is capable of engaging Jeje.

If Jeje clearly express the nature of Nuri in his view, the player player love Fitri this movie is even reveal Jeje behavior only as a producer. As a producer he was very fierce. so I had time to fit exercise angry because too many jokes.

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