Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Manohara - Daisy Fajarina vulgar

In the virtual world is being enlivened a photograph that are considered rogue by Internet users, the image is a figure of Manohara with the mother, Daisy Fajarina with two men.

Mother and child are re-create the controversy by circulating photos sexy clubbing daisy Fajarina manohara and, in the photo looks manohara wearing sexy mini dress and arm with two men, along with his mother Daisy Fajarina that showed her cleavage.

In the photo, soap star 'Supergirl' is seen wearing tight gold jumpsuit. Meanwhile, the mother is equally sexy with slit chest .Manohara matching dress and her mother seemed to pose with two other men. Also looks like the photo was taken in a nightclub.

Daisy's appearance in the photo is very different from the everyday appearance. Usually, he rarely wears clothing seksi.until recently, Manohara nor the mother could not be confirmed related photos

Manohara sexy photo spread and his mother Daisy Fajarina. There does not appear again bebatan headgear worn his mother as he showed when the princess was still in detention by Malaysian sultan's son. Manohara seem to wear shorts while draping his arm on the two men beside him. Deasy to show her beauty. Despite his age anyway he did not want to lose in style with his daughter.

There has been no information, when and how these images can spread. Once again, a warning, never store personal photo documentation of any kind to mobile phones or other gadgets.

Appears in the photo's mother Manohara accentuate her breasts are holding a man, as well as Manohara seen wearing a tight jumpsuit with a gold-colored look up above her thighs.

Meanwhile, when confirmed Manohara looked relaxed, and did not renew the photo, "Do not be extended problem picture," he said Mano by telephone,

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