Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

Foto 6 artis operasi wajah

Appearance is most important for the celebrities. They are willing to do anything to look beautiful and attractive in every opportunity. Not surprisingly, many are choosing plastic surgery as a shortcut to always look good.

However, not many celebrities who dare to be frank to say thanks to the beautiful face or body plastic surgery. six beautiful women celebrities openly admitted he undergo a 'makeovers' faces. It's just that the operation was not performed for the sake of beauty alone but because of health problems or because of accidents.

Ashley Tisdale is one of them. Before you were asked by both journalists and fans, Tisdale admitted he had undergone plastic surgery. Stars 'High School Musical' explains he did it purely for the purposes of not only beauty but also for health reasons.

Tisdale said he does the rhinoplasty because he was having difficulty breathing. He did not want to cover it because he wanted to be honest to its loyal fans.

Ashlee Simpson

The singer has long been rumored to perform plastic surgery on her nose. Initially, he tried to cover up. However, the changes in his nose into the spotlight because it is very obvious from the shape of the nose before.

After the crowded, sister of Jessica Simpson finally it was admitted that if he underwent nasal surgery.

Actress Cameron Diaz is also honest about nose surgery. He claimed to have undergone plastic surgery. Diaz said the operation he did after he suffered an accident while surfing.

age was no longer young, Cher still look beautiful with a sexy body. He did not care about the variety of responses directed at him. Actress and singer is known to undergo plastic surgery not only for the face but also other body parts. He underwent nose surgery, face lift. Botox and so forth.

Sexy actress is to perform plastic surgery on several parts of his body. It's just the most visible is in the breasts. At age 19, former wife of Charlie Sheen had a chance to experience complications with breast implants. And after that, there is a warning to young girls about the dangers of plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag name coloring page news in the entertainment media not because of his performance but because his actions are controversial. He made his confession undergo plastic surgery on 10 body parts with a time of 10 hours. He did surgery on her nose, botox, liposuction and lip injections.

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