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Pernikahan Ayu Dewi - Zumi Zola

Pernikahan Ayu Dewi - Zumi Zola Artist who is now a Regent Tanjung Jabung, Zumi Zola void married presenter hilarious, Ayu Dewi. Apparently Zola had a new trailer. Even Zola and his girlfriend will soon go up to the altar.

Zulkifli Nurdin, parents Zumi Zola, ensuring that her son no longer has a special relationship with Ayu Dewi. Former Governor of Jambi, said his son had already had another choice to be his wife.

He (Zumi Zola), is no longer with Ayu Dewi. It is certain that, "said the man who was familiarly called Bang Zul is accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Queen Munawwaroh, at his home in Kampung Manggis, Kota Jambi.

Bang Zul confess fully surrender affairs to his eldest son was dating. Whoever had the choice, as parents will always support. "To be sure, he must be close to their constituents, the people. It may not stay in Jakarta," he said.

Unfortunately, the Governor of Jambi these two periods would prefer to hide the identity of the prospective in-laws. Though pressed, Bang Zul remain unmoved.

Although not mentioned in detail when a happy day it will happen, but the presenter is acting funny it Zumi Zola claimed to be married before the year 2012. "All women would want to get married, about the exact date has not been there but, God willing, before 2012," said Ayu in supervision Kuningan, Jakarta recently.

Marriage is no longer enough to be carefully set by both. Even recently Zumi Zola's family had come to Ayu's house to cover the event. "Yesterday was not the event of application, but the family relationship . We just gathered together for meals only, "joked Ayu.

Facing the gate of the wedding soon, Ayu also deliver to prayer for all his good intentions could go as he wishes. "Everyone must be willing for her wedding smooth and a much more important is how to prepare for life after having children later

if there are three options, mentioned one of them, there was someone who was not good. There will be possibly all three were used. So yes it's up to Zola who vote, "said Bang Zul while laughing.

But Bang Zul said if Zumi Zola just waiting for the inauguration of the date of his marriage. "Yes, just stay the inauguration. Maybe in Jambi," said the former chairman of PAN Jambi branch of this.

While Ayu Dewi himself admitted Zumi Zola was not her soul mate. "Yeah, that yesterday (Zumi Zola) It does not jodoh.Gitu aja," said Ayu at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta Pusat.

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