Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Video Syur Gundik Nicholas Tse

Video Syur Gundik Nicholas Tse Me Xi Li, the mistress of the Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was crowded gossiped about, appearing in a video was dancing with so tempting, while doing a hot kiss on his girlfriend, a singer and model, Isabella Yang Qi Han, as reported website May Daily.

The video was spread in the community coincided with the height of gossip about the couple who visited a brothel and men doing sexy scenes are hotter than the film, 3D sexy & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, as expressed by.Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung is the singer who was born on 29 August 1980. He is also a Chinese-Canadian character. He is known as an homage to Cantopop singer and song themes in movies and TV series.

Solo recording career in the world beginning with MY attitude album which was released in 1997 by Emperor Entertainment Group label. He is close friends with Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Edison Chen and several other Hong Kong artists who are considered a symbol of the 1990s and generation of 2000-an. as a singer, he also works as a composer, actor and director. Other than as a vocalist he is also adept at playing guitar and drums.

It seems, though the two girls said that hawkers sexy men are close friends they were at a party, the video was eventually provide clarity on the observer of blogs about predictions so far.

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