Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Foto Syur Pemain Jerman dan Perancis

Foto Syur Pemain Jerman dan Perancis German women's soccer team players and the French made a breakthrough in steps of popularizing the sport. The ball was willing to pose naked to attract the attention of the adam.

Three members of the French women's football national team, which entered into the Women's World Cup squad in 2011, chose to pose nude for the German newspaper, Bild, in order to attract sports enthusiasts that are rated for the man.

Gaetane Thiney, Elodie Thomist, and Corine Franco posing drawn by the motto that reads: "Must be like this what we appear before you watch our games" They asserted, this action was taken merely to attract the attention of the audience to come to the arena of sport.

"The picture is very good and I really liked it," said Thiney, who scored two goals as Canada rolled 4-0, in Bild. "We wanted to provoke and be the talk,"

But he added that not only wants to be judged by his athlete's body only. They also want to attract attention through a green field success. "We will try to attract more attention through our successful outcome," he added.

In addition to the French team, last month the German women's soccer team is also doing the same for adult magazine Playboy. Some players like Annika Doppler, Kristina Gessat, Ivana Rudelic, Julia Simic dam Selina Wagner, sexy pose by showing most of their athletic bodies.

But they are not only powerful in front of the camera, above the ground whenever they have proved that the quality of this hebat.Saat France and Germany are both topped the Group A standings with a maximum value of six from two matches. Both will clash in the final group match on Tuesday (5 / 7).

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