Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Foto Hot Larissa Riquelme

Paraguay Larissa Riquelme hot models addicted to desperate action, which would catapult promise naked if Paraguay overcame Brazil for the Copa America semifinals penetrate . Promise year turned out to be filled with beautiful women aged 26 years. Because, beyond a doubt La Albirroja beat Selecao via shootout 2-0 (0-0) at La Plata, Argentina, early yesterday. Riquelme did, but he's not completely naked.

Because, a woman born in Asuncion, Paraguay, this proved it with body painting, alias body colored with a certain style. take place due to witness the match Brazil in Argentina face Paraguay.Madness fans club Paraguay, Cerro Porteno, this is not the first time he did. She's done with body painting naked action when Paraguay eliminated in the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup South Africa. Riquelme keep doing the madness, despite promises to around his hometown if La Albirroja embrace the World Cup trophy last year.

However, Riquelme addiction after uploading sexy images via mobile phone while La Albirroja face Slovakia in World Cup Riquelme 2010.Itu done intentionally as a form of support to Justo Villar et al. However, once examined, the action was because Riquelme got the job of mobile phone companies to load images sexy coincide with the World Cup.

Sexy photos and even signed social networks that make the Spanish newspaper Marca as fans call it famous in the World Cup last year. After that, Riquelme as addiction support nekatnya Paraguay with action. While there is no word came out of the mouth Riquelme.Model Mabel's full name is Larissa Riquelme Frutos was just trying to keep his promise, that provide entertainment to fans Paraguay.Diosa is one of the adult model in Venezuela, he often posing sexy for magazines in the domestic hot , the difference if Larissa is often present on the ground is not so well with Diosa.

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