Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Kyai Zainuddin MZ Meninggal Dunia

Dai million people, KH Zainuddin MZ died Tuesday morning, July 5, 2011. Zainduudin last breath as a result suffer from heart disease and diabetes, as will be brought to the Central Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta.

Thousands of mourners kept coming to the funeral home, at her home, Gandaria, South Jakarta. Mourners arrive while chanting, prayer, and Takbir. Even the sound of sobs and prayers of remembrance at the funeral home.

Visible mourners packed the house, up the highway in front of the funeral home. Not only that, the mass of mourners also crammed Fajrul Islam mosque, where the bodies will Zainuddin prayed and buried.

Among the mourners, also seen a number of figures, politicians, and artists. Zainuddin figure which is a famous preacher does have a certain impression of a number of figures.

Zainuddin Muhammad Zein was born in Jakarta on March 2, 1951. He earned a degree from the University of Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. He also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Malaysia. Zainuddin religious lectures are always interested in people, because the style is light and humorous speech.

Their work is also known in politics. In 1977, the husband of this Kholilah Hj decided to join the party bearing the Kaaba, the United Development Party. Zainuddin the entry into politics is inseparable from the role of teachers , KH Idham Calid, former chairman of the PB NU.

At that time, the PPP utilize duet Zainuddin MZ and H Rhoma Irama, as a vote-getter in each election. Even the PPP won the most votes in Jakarta in Election 1982.

Zainuddin MZ was born in Jakarta on March 2, 1951. He completed all his school in Jakarta and completing undergraduate at the University of Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. In 1977, he entered the United Development Party. Together with the king of Rhoma Irama H they managed to gain votes for the party bearing the Kaaba that.

However, this familiarity Zainuddin and PPP did not last long. In 2002, Zainuddin MZ along with his colleagues decided to quit the party bearing the Kaaba that. He then formed the PPP Reformasi.Then in 2003, PPP reforms changed the Reform Star Party. And until 2006, was elected chairman Zainuddin.

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