Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Foto Hot Andi Soraya Majalah Dewasa

Foto Hot Andi Soraya Majalah Dewasa Although she was already 35 years, but Andi Soraya still look sexy. Mother of two children were still confident sexy photos in one photo adult magazine.Former friends are cohabiting Steve Emmanuel, became cover model of the July issue of Popular. There are about 13 photos sexy Andi in the magazine.

Andi Soraya is a star model, ads and soap opera actress born in Jakarta, June 18, 1976. Started his career as a star of the world model, before venturing in the world of advertising and the role of art.In the photo, movie star A Whore Confession is posing exciting by wearing black lingerie and red blue and white patterned young.Andi look sexy, with a graceful and charming poses.

Ghosts movie star poses Peak Months Coming was also used as a cover of a magazine that published this July. In the magazine artist who had fallen out with Catherine Wilson's 13 photos posing wearing black lingerie, blue, white, and golden.Visible poses sexy mother of two children decorate pages 57 to 71. All the sexy and seductive pose. Former friends cohabiting Steve Immanuel appeared to pose a fascinating and elegant look.

In one photograph the artist who was familiarly called Aya was wearing only a bra and panties and shrouded in a dreamy material that shows her beauty.Wearing black lingerie and blue and white color blends pink, film star I'll see this widow appeared relaxed her body.Even the transparent lace panties Andi Soraya dared wear in one of the current pose., Andi Soraya could not be contacted for confirmation relating bravery in posing in the magazine. Reportedly she was in America for one purpose.

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