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Foto Hot Maria Ozawa Jadi Penyanyi

Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is a famous model from Japan that never existed, Maria residing in Hokkaido Japan, is a child of mixed Japanese mother and father Kanada.Miyabi even more famous after the iconic Japanese AV, or video scandal jepang.after cease to be a movie star scandal miyabi switched professions to be a singer

Miyabi Maria Ozawa was born with the name on January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. His name is known as one AV Idol (adult video idol) which began to appear around 2005. Since then she has starred in over fifty films scandal Japanese production, not including some of the video compilation that also included his name.

Unlike most AV Idol who choose this career through a talent scout, she just interested in the business when he was watching some video scandal brother's friend. From here Miyabi began looking for the agency until he joined the B-open. Soon Miyabi has been awarded a contract to star in a movie softcore scandal.

Maria Ozawa later joined the S1, a movie studio famous scandal in Japan. Two years of joining S1, Maria decided to move to Dasdas which incidentally is not a reputable studio. But the move did not make Mary's popularity faded. She also appeared in several films scandal in Japan known as the V-Cinema films produced or directly to DVD or VCD discs.

Solitary life makes him a good cook. How can people like him do not always avoid buying food in public places if you do not want fans invaded or insulted people nosy against the profession. In addition to fond of cooking, Miyabi is also the most fond of watching movies that he starred in his own scandal. All existing video collection on the TV cabinet is the movie scandal. As a movie star scandal over the board he also needs to learn various important positions of the stars of the film another scandal.

Despite many offers to flow to move out of Japan (the U.S. and Europe) and playing with Caucasian men, miyabi still refused and still choose to live in Japan and chose to play the couple of local men. The reason is quite reasonable as well. According to "furniture" Japanese men are smaller and durable in doing exciting scene than Caucasian men who he thought had "furniture" bigger and painful

Sexy Mary had known since she was only 13 years old and studied 48 styles of sexy touch that book he bought. Although his family did not approve lived career of Mary, but this chick still feel proud of what he was doing and decent living from his earnings as a scandal star. Within a month she could generate at least U.S. $ 8 thousand and he was able to live in luxury apartments from only that income.

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