Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Gambar Gaya Nakal Dugem BCL dan Prisia

Photo Prisia Nasution clubbing back in circulation, this time with Flowers Image Lestari.before had circulated a photograph showing Prisia Nasution was clubbing with a figure that is similar to Intan Ayu.

Now, up 3 other photos. Judging from the clothes and Diamond kenaka Prisia these photos taken at the same moment with a photo that circulated previously. Prisia looks fun to party with 10 friends. In addition to Diamond, it appears also an actress and singer Bunga Citra Lestari in the photos.

The photos clubbing the artists on the internet now emerging, the circulation of photos clubbing Prisia Nasution is now undergoing the process of divorce, is now also circulated photos clubbing Flowers Citra Lestari.

In addition to clubbing photos with Prisia, BCL also looked like fun clubbing with her friends with whom Rizal Mantovani, even the husband also appeared to participate.BCL was seen enjoying a drink in glass and in other poses BLC appears holding a cigarette.

While the manager is frustrated by the circulation of these old photographs, said Dody, yesterday, the photos are old photos and BCL are now busy taking care of his son and also a good iburumah ladder.

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