Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Foto Pernikahan Dara The Virgin

Wedding Photo of Dara of The Virgin which circulated widely in many media gossip artist, was quite stunned Virginity. The reason, besides there is no word yet on who the husband Dara Rizki, rumors are circulating that indicate if Dara Married Pregnant Oldest

've Just come up with the news shooting FTV Forbidden Love, one of the personnel duo Virgin had appeared again with shocking news. Dara Rizky Ruhiana mentioned already held a marriage, for being pregnant out of wedlock.

This news alone circulated after munculfoto Mita partner was wearing a wedding dress, in a room decorated with a white cloth with decorations wedding bouquet.

Players Sacred & The City movie itself is confirmed even if the woman justifies the widely circulated images, is the true self is born singer Tasikmalaya denied if he would marry in the near future.

The former close friend Kiki Farel then explain if this hot picture himself doing session marriage is for making the latest video clips from his vocal duo, titled dear. Fandy handsome figure was appointed to be a Christian husband Dara of The Virgin.

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