Selasa, 10 April 2012

Nikita Willy Dan Diego Michels Tidur Bareng

Bustling rumored close relationship between Nikita Willy and Michiels footballer Diego some time ago had been denied. She had said that he and Diego just friends. However, as the circulation of news, some photos of them both also circulated in cyberspace.

They are never photographed together, but not that people imagine. And this time, re-circulated photographs like they were sleeping together, with the position of men like Diego hugged her from behind like Nikita. Does this picture could strengthen their accusation of infidelity behind Bara Tampubolon

There are strange indeed from this photo. If we observe and think about it logically, the man in the photo is clearly not a Diego. Diego can be seen from the arm that smooth clean look in the photo, while in fact, he was tattooed on the section. And Nikita hair was brownish in color later.

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