Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Foto Ciuman Gading Mrten dan Gisel di Mobil

Ivory Marten often reportedly close to a female artist. Recently the presenter of music events Inbox reported in a relationship with Gisella Anastasia special or familiarly called Gisel Idol. A few sources confirmed the news, it was revealed that Ivory and Gisel was near the middle, but did not say explicitly that both dating.

Marten and Gisel own ivory often seen together, even on one occasion they seemed so intimate. Ivory and Gisel sat together and hugged each other. They seem to talk something, and soon seen kissing on the cheek Ivory Gisel. They show affection in public is certainly raises the question whether or not they had invented.

Touched on this subject, Ivory and Gisel asserts that he was not dating. In line with Ivory, Gisel was denied while trying to avoid reporters. Indonesian Idol dropout is only revealed when they were just friends.

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