Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Foto Ciuman Nikita Mirzani dan Posan Kotak

Kissing Photos & Nikita Mirzani Posan which circulated widely in the media immediately seized the attention of connoisseurs of online gossip. Nikita news and Posan Tobing Mirzani Dating indeed already started to inquire. So, with a circulation of images of this kiss is getting stronger gossip. Nikita Mirsani love story and Haposan Haryanto Tobing begins. Although just a disgrace to unload expose the story of an affair with her ​​husband, who ga 'is Indra Birowo other, but still managed to Niki took a new lover. Is Posan Tobias, a former drummer box, which is now active in the Band Winner, who became prince of love Nikita Mirzani. In a sensational artist's twitter conversations, (the friend who spoke with the title "Nikita Tobing". In fact, even just a joke, but it appears there is little hope to be his wife on the status of the Batak twitter mother of one child.

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