Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Busana Alexandra Mills Karya Harry Ibrahim

Busana Alexandra Mills Karya Harry Ibrahim Evening peak Miss Indonesia 2011, held on 3 June in Central Park Ballroom, West Jakarta, the more lively with the presence of Miss World 2011, Alexandria Mills. . Miss World 2010 Alexandra Mills is scheduled to be in Indonesia for four days. He will attend the evening peak performances of Miss Indonesia 2011.

Dada disclosed, the designers are among them Ian Adrian, Handy Hartono, Heng Kawilarang, Arifan Mas, and Rudy Lim. "All five designers will display 33 beautiful finalists in the sequel to the beginning. While in session 10, the finalists will wear designer clothing and fashion collection of beautiful gift Alleira Harry Abraham for 5 finalists selected

Women born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States February 26, 1992 was most fond of perpetuating the object around it with a camera. That is why, the stuff that must exist in his bag went everywhere.

Any travel everywhere, I should bring my camera to capture objects and interesting moments, "he said at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Central Jakarta, yesterday. Mills came to Indonesia to attend the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2011, held in Central Park, West Jakarta, tonight.

There have been many results jepretannya. And the result, not only will enjoy themselves. The reason he is preparing a book concept diary that comes with the photographs collection. "I really like photography. I have been collecting 3ribu photos, "he said then smiled.

Kanti Mirdiati, sales and marketing director as well as Project Director of RCTI Miss Indonesia 2011 met the media after meeting Miss Indonesia 2011 in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Monday (30 / 5) reveals that Alexandra Mills will also visit the Island of Bali.

He will come to attend the evening peak performances of Miss Indonesia. He came to Jakarta on June 2. We will invite around Jakarta, invite to dinner. On 3 attend the Miss Indonesia 2011 and December 4 to accompany them to Bali, because he wanted to show one of the Indonesian culture.

Every time Miss World to Jakarta has always wanted to Bali, but the committee also wanted to introduce Indonesian culture is extremely diverse. Will be introduced in addition to the cultural richness of Bali.

When he was in Jakarta, we shall show our cultures of others, because he wanted to explain to them that Indonesia not only in Bali, Jakarta, it is culture, culture Javanese, Sundanese culture.

Actually, the committee had offered to the concerned to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), but for reasons of time constraints not possible.

In Kebon Sirih Tower we will invite some people who will introduce Indonesian fashion tradition, which is very familiar with Indonesian culture. It will show you the album in the Indonesian culture, puppet characters and a few other things about the culture of Indonesia.
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Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Foto Malinda Dee Sakit Radang dada

Foto Malinda Dee Sakit Radang dada Malinda Dee aka Inong Melinda is currently undergoing treatment at Kramat Jati Police Hospital. The team doctor declared suspects embezzlement a Citibank customer was suffering from some disease.

His blood pressure continued to rise to 200, said Chief Hospital Kramat Jati Police Hospital, Brigadier General Budi Siswanto, in Jakarta, Monday, May 30, 2011.

In addition, according to Budi, Malinda is also experiencing a high fever due to inflammation in the breast. Currently, he is still in treatment. Of course we will see exactly what the cause of inflammation in the breast area, "he said.

According to Budi, Malinda is now handled by five specialists from pelastik surgeons and psychiatrists. However, Budi do not know if Malinda needed surgery or not. "We do not know. Later a team of doctors who will decide. If necessary, we will do," he explained.

As reported, cases of embezzlement by women above 47 years revealed that Citibank report to the police. Malinda then arrested March 23, 2011 in South Jakarta.

Malinda dee 47-year-old was hospitalized Police, Malinda Dee treated with five other patients and guarded by two policemen. Visitors who will visit will be examined and the family are allowed in to see Malinda Dee exposed chest Inflammation

To determine the level of inflammation or infection, according to doctors who also practice in the UB Women and Children Hospital, Jakarta, this should be checked more carefully by using ultrasound to make sure the implant is leaking or not. If it is found the inflammation, doctors Diah agreed, needed surgery.
Breasts are experiencing inflammation and infection should be dismantled and cleaned with a sterile fluid and antibiotics. Breast allowed to cool prior to further action. According to doctors Diah, it took six months to a year for breast implants quiet and can be installed again.

Malinda who has worked for 20 years with Citibank was allegedly embezzling 1 billion to 2 billion from each account. The practice is alleged to have lasted for three years. Police trick them by Act No. 8 of 2010 on Money Laundering.So far only three Citibank customer who claimed the money be stolen. However, the money allegedly stolen from three customers Malinda unsparing, worth 17 billion. Police believe there are many other victims.

Malinda is not alone. A number of colleagues at Citibank joined dragged its action. Not only that, the husband, Andhika Gumilang, his brother, Veska, and initials in-law who I also snagged the case of embezzlement and money laundering this.

Malinda is also charged with falsifying documents section for allegedly falsifying her husband's identity to open accounts and siri buy a car
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Video gitar Patub letto mengalami kejadian aneh

Video gitar Patub letto mengalami kejadian anehTwo years already band Alphabeat vacuum from the country music industry. The band personnel by Noe (vocals), Arian (bass), Patub (guitar), and Dhedot (drums), it chose to rest a long time before finally releasing their fourth album, Love, Be patient.

Recognized Noe, Letto reluctant forsir force only to pursue the target. "Two years need to breathe too, so if forsir later there is a fresh baseball. So we have to breathe something new.

But behind his success in a strange incident happened when the band Alphabeat make a new album titled LOVE patient. As the recording played guitar runs Patub impaired. The voice that came out of the stringed instrument that was not in accordance with the wishes of the band. Finally repetition ensued.

So when we were recording, guitar Patub originally okay. The sound produced in accordance with our desire. However, because the time to go home then the recording was continued the next day. But when will play the resulting sound was different from yesterday. And what happened to 3 times, "said Noe, recently.

Met Theatre in Jakarta, Central Jakarta, she and others had thought Alphabeat personnel is there something disturbing in the studio. For that they would not enter the studio up to one week. When they came back turned out to sound like a guitar Patub originally desired.

See why, after his guitar sound so-so on. Having checked his computer was too hot at that time. So we do not need to rest but also wrote a computer. At that time we were working on the song All I name my dear, "he explained then smiled followed another Letto personnel.
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Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Wajah - Dada Malinda Dee Palsu

Wajah - Dada Malinda Dee Palsu Shrewdness Inong Melinda Malinda aka Dee in tinkering with clients' money was remarkable. Search results while investigating the Directorate of Special Economic Criminal Investigation Police II, Malinda using eight bank accounts. Two of them on his behalf.

That six, that the join account. But, there are traces of banking crimes in the account, "said Inspector General Police Headquarters Kadivhumas Anton Bachrul Alam at his office, was temporarily suspended eight accounts to expedite the investigation process.

Police found traces of the eight accounts from accounts of three victims who report to Criminal Investigation. "Once traced, the funds transferred to eight accounts," said the former police chief of East Java.

Having successfully seized a Hummer, two Ferraris, and Mercedes Benz evening, investigators are now looking for a car owned by Malinda Alphard. "Later when the associated yes seized. Also, some properties and apartment," he said.

Malinda known to have several apartments in the capital. Among the Capital Residence, Pacific Place, and the Oakwood apartments. According to Anton, confiscation carried out since the first focus of investigators is asset recovery. "Including the existing overseas," he said.

All day yesterday, the Police Criminal Investigation building front yard like a luxury car showroom. Many employees and police cars lined picture taken at the Ferrari F430 scuderria DEE B5, Mercedes Benz E 350 B 467 QW, and Ferrari parked B125 DEE investigator at the front entrance.

"It will be uploaded on my facebook and twitter, pretty cool ride," said Sita Police Headquarters staff of civil servants who asked his friend to fetch the image.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department Police Headquarters Komjen Ito Sumardi explains, Malinda customer losses continued to rise. "It is now USD 20 M, but it also recently while, still can (plus, Red)," Ito said yesterday.

Moreover, there is still a client or customer Malinda who are reluctant or embarrassed to report. "Our commitment, confidentiality will be protected. After all this privacy, I also ask my friends (the media, Red) do not all open," said Ito.

Ito optimistic customer loss could be restored. "We do not want this case such as the Century. The police have got a commitment from the bank. Therefore, for those who become victims do not hesitate to report," he said.

Yesterday afternoon, the husband of Malinda, Andhika Gumilang come to Police Headquarters. Using the Honda CR-V cars white, tobacco advertising star was just about 25 minutes in the building Transnational Crime Centre.

Down from the building, Andhika who covered his face with the hat walk hurried to his car. "I'm not part of it, I'm just giving support," said the artist born in 1989 (22 years) it.

Andhika ignored reporters' questions about its relationship with Malinda. Sory yes, I hurried, "he said as he drove. Andhika come alone.

Separately, the source Java Post called, has been traveling back and forth Malinda Singapore. "From his passport records, a dozen times a year," he said yesterday.

Allegedly, Malinda to Singapore not to take care of the assets but to care for her beauty. "Yesterday publicist had to say yes, it's all fake boss. Nose surgery, eyelash surgery, let alone his chest," the source said.

Anton Bachrul Alam was already said that Malinda's face is now no longer original.

Malinda is very well known in the networking capital of the jet set lady. He diligently attended a fashion show events and expert strolled on the catwalk. Malinda also in the fashion show event at the hotel For You Women Indonesia Honor.

In one photograph circulating on social networking, Malinda also attended the exhibition of paintings on the theme of Universal Style at the Ritz Carlton January 8, 2008. In the photograph, photographed with his wife Malinda deputy governor of West Java Sendy Dede Yusuf. But until last night yet to receive confirmation Java Post apaka Sendy know Malinda or just a picture taken together by chance.

Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi explain police were still looking for networking Malinda. According to Ito, the white colar crime or white collar crime, usually the perpetrators did not act alone. Usually, there are other actors involved.

Therefore, now the team of Special Economic Criminal Investigation Directorate II Police are conducting a possible deepening of the other figures involved in burglary cases these customer funds.

We will develop the network. So the eyes of the chain is being grown. We will see who is responsible for the lower-level managerial or second Malinda. There are records, documents that have been confiscated, "he said
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Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Burung Cacatua alba Ramal Barcelona Juara

Burung Cacatua alba Ramal Barcelona JuaraPredictor-predict the media beast reminiscent of the "Paul", octopus who managed to guess the outcome of any World Cup match in South Africa. Apparently Paul phenomenon spread to the entire world.

However, not all animals be able to guess the media predictions are accurate. Like the elephant predictions about the results of the Tiger Cup final match between Indonesia vs Malaysia national team. Based on a forecast of elephants, the winner of the top party game that is Indonesia. But another fact, which won the national team even Affairs neighbor.

This phenomenon is also endemic animal predictions to the District. West Bandung (KBB). Is the "Beautiful" name the type of white cockatoo (Cacatua alba) belonging to Samson Ma'arif, Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP) KBB Parliament who participated seek his fortune into impromptu fortune-teller.

White parrot who has one year's residents inhabit a bird cage Jln. Simpang, Kertajaya Village, Kec. Padalarang it was also good at fortune-telling has long been known.

Bird's name is also a politician, then any predictions about the outcome of political celebration. One of these, the Council Area (Muswil) PPP West Java who carried two names Chairman of the branch of the PPP candidate Jabar Tatang Farhanul Rahman Yasin and Justice.

Results Rahman Yasin prediction that was elected chairman. "It turned out that the predictions of the Beautiful with PPP Muswil same results. I also had some time to test to predict another beautiful, also the result one hundred percent right," said Samson Maarif when found at his home, yesterday.

And what about the Champions League Final match results, which brought Barcelona to the "Red Devils" Manchester United? Two rolls of paper bearing the name of both clubs are offered to the Belle.

As a result, the Belle chose "Giant Catalan" Barcelona as the winner in the final to be held at Wembley Stadium, England, Sunday (29 / 5) early day. To further convince the forecast, the owner of the bird emblem image thrusting two European giants. "Beauty prefer a peck picture symbol of Barcelona," he said.

Funny thing is, children Samsul Maarif, Hare Heaven Maarif (10) fell sick so know the outcome prediction Beauty. Children 4th grade it down though, because his favorite teams are not going to predict a champion.
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Messi Gelar Ritual Cetak Gol di Wembley

Messi Gelar Ritual Cetak Gol di Wembley Activities smelled heresy began bonding with football rituals are often carried out before the game, as practiced Lionel Messi ahead of the Champions League final. Massey reportedly doing odd things during practice.

That said, the purpose is to restore the fortune that had this sort of trauma far. failure of Argentina during the 2010 World Cup after Germany were slaughtered 4-0 at the quarter-finals. World's best players seemed to feel not protected goddess fortuna when appearing outside the Primera Liga.

Therefore, Messi personally perform a special ritual at his home in Barcelona. "Messi is only doing something that made him feel comfortable," said the person close to Massey told Reuters. But, make no mistake about special .Ritual Messi does not use spells or items that are considered to have supernatural powers.

He's just doing a different exercise. When the strange practice, Messi took a pair of woman's stockings and a few cans of soft drinks. The cans were then drawn up to be target.Next, to what those stockings? Apparently used to dribble up to the cans after the stone is filled first.

The process is like this, stockings filled with rocks or other objects until you reach the want.Then rammed weight on the ball until the desired target. Uniquely, Messi dribble without wearing pads barefoot alias. That he did for almost an hour.

For Massey, it's just.Because, he does not like to remain silent without doing .next all, his family thought it was very funny," added the man near Massey. What did Messi like child's play, ie dribbling without legs, using only the tools, can be a stick or something.

In fact, this is often done when a child was when I was living in Argentina. Activity was even immortalized in a video recorded reunion, the video is played back.

Messi hopes to do just that luck will favor Barcelona and led to the Champions League trophy. "We deserve to get all the titles. I do not judge the quality of this team will be reduced in the future. In fact, we will get stronger, "said Messi.
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Video Skandal Mahasiswa Hebohkan Pacitan

Video Skandal Mahasiswa Hebohkan Pacitan Still remember the case of pornographic video artist who stir some time ago? This time immoral cases occurred in the 1001 City of Goa.

Because of a porn movie obsessed artist, a pair of lovers in Pacitan desperate to capture exciting scene during lovemaking. Unfortunately, the video had fallen into the hands of others and had spread through HP.

Immoral acts that allegedly involving two teenagers. Each actor man with the initials WR (23) who is a 3rd semester student of a university with PS (17), one vocational school student in Pacitan.

"Inspired by a video artist," said investigator WR answering questions about the motives of his actions.

Information compiled, wanton act was deliberately filmed to document their own. Somehow, the original scenes files stored on HP's suspect WR, eventually changing hands to HP's HS (24).

From the hands of citizens of the Village Temple, District Pringkuku reason, these hot movie spread everywhere. In a video recording lasted about 20 minutes, two different types of creatures that seemed to do a scene like a husband and wife.

The case itself is uncovered following a report from a witness who claimed to have sent the files of suspects HS. Starting from the report, police later development. As a result, the team managed to arrest two suspects Reskrim at once. Each WR and HS.

"Both we have secured for examination. While some of the files already spread we seek to eliminate," said PPA Sukimin, Kasatreskrim Pacitan Police told reporters at his office on Saturday (28/05/2011).

In this case, police used a different legal snares in processing the two suspects. WR suspect snared Law number 23 of 2002 on Child Protection.

While HS alleged role as disseminator subjected Uu Pornography and the Law of Information and Electronic Transaction with the threat of jail sentences of 10.
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Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Artis Cut Tari-Jusuf cerai

Artis Cut Tari-Jusuf ceraiCut Tari not over exposed to gossip is not tasty. Post-video scandal with Ariel 'Peterpan' publicly known, is now Cut Tari and her husband, Joseph reportedly divorced. Really

News Cut Tari divorce with her husband, John Joseph Subrata, back blows. However, the family of former presenter infotainment denied.

Dance with divorce issues these days because her husband blew Dance and Joseph later rarely appear together. Say again, Joseph is now choosing to stay single without Cut Dance at his home in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Cut Tari make an apology to all the people in front of the media. This was done, because the video coverage similar scandal himself increasingly become-so.

Cut Tari doing this petition accompanied by her husband, Joseph Subrata. In fact, the husband who had always with him, also expressed an apology. I personally and on behalf of a large family apologize for the oversight and mistake, "said Joseph.

Joseph was again emphasized that there would be no divorce between him and Dance Cut. "Related news divorce, there is no way to get there. I apologize once again," he asserted.

Cindy regrets slanted news that could not be accounted for that back blows. According to him, Cut Tari domestic life in a state fine.

When visited at his residence on Jl Pondok Kelapa 12, East Jakarta, on Friday (27/05/2011) white house such as uninhabited. Garages are usually parked cars are now empty.

It is rarely home mas son, Joseph, also has not seen play, "said a neighbor whose house was right in front of the residence Cut Tari.

Previously, Joseph was like a very patient faced a video scandal that befell his wife who had given such a daughter. He also claimed to be maintaining family harmony.

News about divorce does not exist. Do not be directed to it, said Joseph when accompanying dance in a press conference at the office of lawyer Hotman Paris, in 2010 and then

The issue of divorce Cut Tari and her husband is not the first time blows. The news spread after their divorce video Cut Tari and Ariel spread. Moreover, when the video was recorded, Cut Tari still existed as the wife of Joseph.

One boy's father, very supportive wife. According to him what his wife was a reasonable mistake as a human.

I see my wife as a creature of God who never make mistakes. And, I was given the right to accompany and protect themselves from tyranny. It was taught to me as a convert to Islam. I'm also not a hypocrite, people do not make mistakes, "said Joseph.
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Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Video Syahrini Pingsan Bukan Empat Mata

Video Syahrini Pingsan Bukan Empat Mata The person most surprised by her fainting Syahrini singer is Tukul Arwana, the article Syahrini fainted when a guest in the event that , NOT 4 EYE.

I panicked, shocked, there are no guest stars like that. He was present in my program, as a professional. After the segment 5, there is a photo sharing session. But out of love pictures, direct unconscious until her lipstick stuck into my hand. He had said, 'I'm upset, cold sweat, "he said after visiting Syahrini Tukul in room 710 Medistra Hospital, on Thursday (26 / 5).

Tukul see Syahrini conditions are still weak and would not eat. "Did he eat, it seems baseball is too much. Perhaps less appetite. He said you'd take a break. He said symptoms of typhoid, so it should be lots of rest," added comedian from Semarang, Central Java.

Besides tired of having to undergo the tour, the irregular pattern of life also made ​​weight drop singer. During a gig in some cities, sleeping and eating patterns become irregular Syahrini.

Yes indeed lack of sleep, and eat less. Eating a mess. The term not eat regularly, and sleeping less. Become less good condition, eating less correct, and we went back to Jakarta fitting look like yesterday, "he said.

In addition, malnutrition is also another cause of fainting Syahrini. Before an event NOT FOUR EYES, the woman was eating meatballs and somay that is too spicy.

After singing the song I'm Not Normal, sexy Syahrini limp body fell to the floor. His head hit the floor. Presenter of the event, Tukul Arwana, and a number of direct crew swiftly carry Syahrini exit from the stage. The event was immediately cut the live ad.

Not yet clear what caused the virgin who likes to wear accessories that glitters fainted. As a result of fainting, today appeared on the show canceled Syahrini Strikes in RCTI. In fact, he is scheduled to fill the show with Sam and a new duet partner, Ashanty

It was delivered Tukul after itinerant singer hits 'You Have I' is at Medistra Hospital, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/26/2011). "Startled and panicked because there is no guest stars like like that," he said.

Before falling unconscious, the man who has the full name Tukul Riyanto admitted had received a complaint from a woman from Sukabumi it. According to him, the former duet partner had confessed Anang Hermansyah is weak and cold sweat.

Seeing the condition of women born August 1, 1982 which is currently lying low in the hospital, Tukul feel sympathetic and to pray for the player the movie 'The Maling Kuburans' speedy recovery.

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Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Pernikahan Helena Andrian Idol

Pernikahan Helena Andrian IdolWeddings Helena Andrian Idol 2004 is quite staggering. Because the news had just married Helena Adrian uncovered when launching his new album titled "Helena" with the hits single, Love Do You Separate.

Helena Adrian directly so the idol so he gets in so finalists of Indonesian Idol I, some time ago. Although not a champion, but Helena was panning the fans who are not small.

Helena, Dara is a gorgeous newcomer singer but in fact has long been in the country music world. Fostered a serious singing career began to Helena since she was 12 years by attending various festivals. He was singing in a vocal group Trio Permata Jakarta Cool to teens with Kurnia Fajrin and Mary (Molucas). The trio sang on the show Permata Nusantara TVRI.

Then Helena had joined with Chris Pattikawa Antero Good upbringing. Following from Antero Good, Helena joined the Hearing Band for 4 years and became a backing vocalist of famous singers like Vina Panduwinata, Kris Kristofferson and Rossa. Helena was also recorded 7 songs soundtrack the soap opera brought to the music FTV tilled by Chossy Primary. Qualified and reached the stairs spectacular Indonesian Idol 4 major make his name more commonly known.

His name was back in the news, when desperate drop out from the management of Indonesian Idol and opted out. College Student Programs Public Relations, London School chose to be in management held by his own family.

No need for long, because in addition to playing bid advertisement and fill out the event in a variety of activities, a girl born in Jakarta, 4 September 1984 is now also busy with preparations for his first solo album. Helena has signed a contract with one label named ProSound.

About this album, Helena did not want to tell you a lot. Helena also has not determined the title of her first album later. But clearly, there are some musicians who are willing to help the album produced by singer Andi Rianto this. They are Icha Elvis Presley, Dewiq, and Ricky RM.
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Tiket Gold Andrea Bocelli Datang di indonesia

Tiket Gold Andrea Bocelli Datang di indonesia Indonesian people apparently interested in order to spend more classic entertainment. The proof, 80% Andrea Bocelli concert tickets that will show off later on May 15 at the lowest price USD 2.5 million, has been sold.

Tenors concert tickets were released to the world market from 21 April. According Ressanda Tamaputra, Print Promotion Coordinator PT Java Festival Production, three days before the show, recorded 2302 tickets hired. The total capacity concert hall in the Grand Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton, reaching the 2906 seats.

Andrea Bocelli is the best singer in the class. For us, bring in artists for Bocelli became the pride of its own both as a promoter and Indonesia at large, Ressanda, Thursday (12 / 5).

Concert tickets Con te Partiro chanter is divided into four classes. For silver, or lowest, subject to Rp 2.5 million per person and Rp 5 million per person for the class of gold. Silver already sold 608 tickets. Gold class most hired, had sold 896 tickets.

While the two other classes of platinum B for Rp 7.5 million per sheet and platinum A cost Rp 10 million per ticket. Respectively 512 and 306 tickets sold.

Not yet sold out. Of capacity is still there seats for compensation sponsors, media partners, and invitations.

Java Festival Production, sell tickets online via the official website at Buyers can also get tickets directly with the promoter's office visit and the location information according to the website.

Actually, I Ressanda, JFP not are targeting new markets. Promoter activities of the music was just not want to miss a chance of business brought in Andrea Bocelli.

According to him the prospect of music and musical events in Indonesia is very good. "Evidenced by the proliferation of foreign music concert in the first quarter of this year," said Ressanda without elaborating.

Later 70 personnel and 60 members of the orchestra accompanying the choir Andrea Bocelli. The concept, Bocelli hook a conductor, two singers, and two guest stars from Indonesia.
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Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Foto Nakal Nadia Ernesta

Foto Nakal Nadia ErnestaTurn to the artist's personal photos circulated widely Ernesta Barbie in cyberspace. Photos by various naughty poses that totaled 14 pieces with a variety of sexy styles and challenging.

Barbie appears to be wearing bikinis one piece backless black and posing with a number of male and female friends in a closed room, some carried out under dim light the lamp.

Looks like Barbie and her friends at that time was enjoying a party, marked the number of drinks around them.

There are about 13 photographs that circulated among various poses naughty, Three photos appear Barbie posing wearing police hats, of course with one piece still wear backless black color. one of them wearing police attribute, wearing a bikini with thigh you'll enjoy and also there is a case of doing the sex scenes.

With the clothes do not complete and that the police hat, Barbie posing a guy hugging black shirt, one photo with his eyes closed and one more look into the face of Barbie

From the photographs that look exciting though are mediocre, but because wearing police attribute to be excited in addition, the Ghost Train of Manggarai movie stars that look bad with glasses holding a drink while smoking with a black bikini.

The photos of former girlfriend Eno 'Netral' is expected to be uploaded in April 2011 and, until now there has been no official comment from Nadilla or its management.

Until now there has been no official statement from the relevant, are also not known exactly why the personal photos that can be spread on the internet. This photo and add a long list of artists who spread their personal photos to the Internet.
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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Foto Hot Jupe, Ririn Setyarini

Foto Hot Jupe, Ririn SetyariniRecently circulated pictures of naughty sexy actress and model Ririn Setyarini in cyberspace. In the photo Ririn seen posing with Julia Perez middle.

This time, Ririn pose very different from the earlier photographs. Ririn posing with a mischievous and seductive right next to Julia Perez pose with both hands squeezing her breasts Ririn.

According to the sexy model who was born in Manado March 23, 1989, he was accustomed to look sexy in their daily life. Film Pocong Mobile, The Burglar Tombs and Satan are films that have starred Ririn.

horror movie titled 'Oath [this] Pocong' this is going to reap the controversy again. Jupe Though not yet able to calm the controversy over condom in her new album.

Since the beginning Jupe admitted to not knowing there would be nude scenes. All because of his error which was not carefully reading the manuscript. Finally he had to undergo an already signed contract agreement.

Fortunately her husband, Damien did not mind Jupe nude scene in the film. "He believes I am a professional," said Jupe

"I was shocked," she sighed as she shed tears short. Julia Perez himself did not deny that the photo is indeed her. He acknowledged, the photo was taken in mid-2006 in a photo shoot for an internet site. There are two photo shoots are done at the time, an unusual scene in the first session and second session with exciting poses. However, he stressed that the photographs on the second session is not for publication.

However, on the front page of a newspaper circulating capital today, looking hot photos Julia Perez pose with almost no wear. Bottom covered only by a piece of red cloth, while her breasts covered only two hands.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Dwi Heri Sulistyawan SH, Julia asked for protection and requested the police to prove the perpetrator distributing the photos. He immediately reported this case because it believed that he was innocent and he did not pass it to seek sensation. He was accused of only looking worried sheer popularity.

According to Dwi, his client reported the newspapers who spread the photos were based on Article 338 of the Criminal Code concerning the abuse of rights and Copyright Law 19/1992 concerning article 72 in conjunction with 75. According to her, his client as a victim and not the party who pass it on. Photo exciting it to a private collection, but it was distributed without permission of the rights and Julia.
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Foto Vicky Vette Memakai Baju Timnas

Foto Vicky Vette Memakai Baju Timnas Vicky Vette re-upload photos naughty on Twitter recently .this time she posed wearing costumes Indonesian national football team in the photo.

Retweet if you nominate me for # PSSI # GarudaDidaDaku, "writes Vickie few hours ago in Twitter.he added," Like my Jersey? # Garudadidadaku! Retweet it if you like it! "

Women who wear implants in her chest was writing his comments about three hours ago. He did not show evidence that indeed he was the sender of an email with a hot scene, did not also let him know the email Arifinto true. Vicky was fond of joking with the comment on hot-button issues in Indonesia that currently being discussed in Twitter.

Prior to a career as pengumbar lust, Vette said she has worked as an accountant. As the star models and movie stars satisfy lust, Vette had twice to get the award, best video scandal in Amerikas States ie AVN Award (2005), and the Booble Girl of the Year (2008).

Arifinto, photographers captured the Media Indonesia, Mohammad Irfan, was watching a video scandal when he joined the plenary session last Friday. Arifinto derived from the electoral district of West Java II appeared was busy opening the video scandal of tablet computers Samsung Galaxy Tab hers when Speaker of the House Marzuki Alie deliver the closing session of the three-year period 2010-2011.

According to Irfan, he was intrigued when Arifinto open the tablet computer. I zoom, how come there are pictures like that, "he said. He claimed the commission had seen this 5 member board of picking a few videos from the folders on a computer tablet that. Then he opened one of them," said Irfan. According to Irfan, Ari also had a chance to see the video for about a minute. "After it closed," he said.

The testimony was different from the recognition that quibble Arifinto opened his tablet computer as there are incoming electronic mail. "There's a link, I was wondering, when opened, drawing begituan and I delete it," he said.
READ MORE - Foto Vicky Vette Memakai Baju Timnas

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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Artis Seksi Arumi bachin pulang

Artis Seksi Arumi bachin pulang |Bachsin Arumi finally came home after his parents picked up by the House of DPD / RI despite shocked and screaming do not want to go home when his parents go to mediation meeting room.

Family drama from movies and Arumi Bachsin movie player who left the house since late October 2010, finally returning to the embrace of her parents.

You see, the case was already in-Arumi SP3 (Termination Warrant Investigation) by the Police, then the Agency has no authority anymore. I also have coordinated with the police chief, "said a member of the DPD, AM Fatwa reporters when met at the House of DPD-RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (20 / 5).

 However, slanting the news was immediately denied by auntie Arumi, Lusi Bachsin. "I need to straighten this news because I have met Arumi. I said, my niece, Arumi, not pregnant," said Louise, in the Agency Building, Jalan Proclamation, Central Jakarta.

With a firm tone, Lusi told not see the signs of pregnancy on the body of the film star's Not For Sale. "I do not see those traits in Arumi pregnant," he said.

Let me more clearly, Lusi convincing indeed seen a change in self Arumi. But only on her cheeks that look more obese than ever before.
Furthermore, AM Fatwa said that if the investigation termination letters carrying out this Friday. That's why a meeting.

As of today, yesterday Agency has submitted a formal letter asking for help so that I could be a mediator and facilitate the return of Arumi, "said the former Vice Chairman of the MPR.

Arumi who came upon the invitation of the Jakarta DPD, AM Fatwa, the DPD RI Building, Senayan, Friday (20 / 5), finally meet her parents after undergoing mediation approximately 1 hour in one room building DPD / RI, Senayan, with attended by parents and members of DPD DKI Jakarta, AM Fatwa, and the general secretary of LPSK.

At around 18:10 pm, Arumi who wore a white shirt-sweater was finally brought home by his parents with a black Innova driving numbered B 1509 PFV.After a meeting with all parties, Arumi and his family, finally Arumi taken home by his parents. Because the task LPSK is over, "said AM Fatwa who become mediators Arumi and parent meeting at the House of DPD / RI, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (20 / 5).

According Arumi's mother, Mrs. Lilian Maria Pesch, he is very happy to finally be bringing his son home. "Thank God, he came home dong. Everything is finished," he said at the House of DPD.
READ MORE - Artis Seksi Arumi bachin pulang

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Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Konflik Rocky Jeff dan Rency Milano

Konflik Rocky Jeff dan Rency Milano Former husband of Rocky Jeff Milano Rency who received treatment from an unpleasant woman named Nikita told about the continuation of the case. Currently, Rocky is vise on the reports that he has made.

For no apparent reason, Rocky's ex-husband Jeff who also claimed to have Rency Milano unpleasant treatment by a woman named Nikita. The woman he report to police because the beating and vandalism at his home.

Rocky's new to her own claim for two weeks. However, this man said there may be elements of jealousy.

"I think so (there is an element of jealousy). Nikita friend wrote, I know he's not more than 2 weeks," he said when contacted via telephone on Wednesday (06/18).

Yesterday from noise up to the court, our decision was unanimous. But whether there is any wind, suddenly he comes again. I will continue to give a chance for him to want to change. He is now more to keep my brother said Elma Theana it.

The couple that has not been blessed with a baby that is now being romantic-romantic. Rency who has been married twice before with Rocky, trying to patiently deal with Rocky.

He realizes his actions because of fussiness me as well. I can guide him to a better guy because his name is easy labile. I person emotion, but he's more like it when I was getting angry, "added the long black haired woman.

Rocky said, tired of trying to continue to maintain the household for five years. The man who nine years younger than that now surrender Rency household fate in the hands of judges.

We wants married calm cool. If to him, was like a noisy daily food. He should respect me. Perhaps God gave the best road like this.

Rocky suspect, Rency a third person, although previously Rency has affirmed the divorce is not due to a third person.

If our economic affairs together. Sometimes he's there, sometimes I'm there. His name is fair dong baseball movie ever. Maybe he's found a better person, "he said.

Rocky Jeff finally decided to report the woman charged with article 351 of the persecution and destruction. "Article 351 and Article 406 of the Criminal Code, assault and vandalism. No. Lp. Him: LP/799 / 'K/2011/PMJ/Res Jaksel," he concluded.
READ MORE - Konflik Rocky Jeff dan Rency Milano

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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Konser Kylie Minogue di indonesia

Konser Kylie Minogue di indonesiaKyle Minogue ready to hold The Show Girl Returns - Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour 2011 in SICC, Sentul, Bogor, West Java on Monday, June 27, 2011. Kylie also promises spectacular concert. For Kylie's first concert in Indonesia this time, we deliberately named it The Show Girl Returns - Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour 2011.

Unlike Kylie concerts before, this time will lift his career Diva, as well as football exploits as a world of glamorous fashion icons and spectacular.

In this concert, Kylie fans will be entertained by not only hit songs Kylie, but they also can enjoy a sumptuous performances are packed with beautiful costumes by top designers Dolce & Gabbana. In short this concert really raised the return of Kylie Minogue as a diva performances (The Show Girl Returns) and Kylie as a fashion icon simultaneously.

The musicality, Kylie will perform on stage with the accompaniment of a band group consisted of 6 men and 12 dancers. They will feature a variety of global hit of the Divas from the album Aphrodite Like All The Lovers, Get Outta My Way, Put Your Hands Up, Everything is Beautiful, Too Much, and of course the spectacular Aphrodite .Koreografi, good lighting and video content will also be shown in this concert so as to create traveling euphoria of happiness, excitement and luxury that sparkled.

Unlike the previous Kylie concerts, concert this time will lift his career Diva, as well as an iconic the glamorous fashion world and spectacular.

In this concert, the audience will be able to enjoy performances from a group of dancers air and flying angels are mysterious, welcoming the return of the diva performances (The Show Girl Returns). The concept of concert Kylie inspired Greek mythology and culture. This world-class music tour contains a set of design properties, including a Pegasus statue of gold as high as 4.3 meters (14 feet), a golden horse-drawn carriage, 5 screens, and a moving staircase. Total goods carried weighing 80 tons.

In terms of costumes, concerts The Show Girl Returns - Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour 2011 in Jakarta, this time it will contain 200 lavish costumes and 100 pairs of shoes made of millions of diverse Crystal Diamante and nearly 1,000 feathers.

As we know, three years after the huge success of the Tour Kylie X, Pop diva Kylie Minogue is now back to announce the dates for Aphrodite Live World Tour 2011. Indonesia became one of the countries selected for demonstrated action Kylie perfect appearance
READ MORE - Konser Kylie Minogue di indonesia

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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Foto Vulgar Aisyahrani ciuman

Foto Vulgar Aisyahrani ciumanAisyahrani brother once asked the manager Syahrini exciting photos to unpublished. Rani so he called, begged and cried.

I asked for help, the photographs do not have to be published again. Closed course, Rani said, when contacted via phone on Saturday (14 / 5) evening.

The images are classified Nudity. The photos are similar Syahrini and Aisyahrani appeared recently in cyberspace. There are about 4 pictures that displays vulgar images. In one photograph, for example, women who are similar to Syahrini was lying on the bed.

Besides, Rani did not want a lot of comments. Women who choose a mole on the left side of his lips was like really shocked by the release of these photos.

I can not talk a lot first. I had no comment for now, says Rani as she finished the interview,

Recently appeared similar sexy photos Syarini singer and her sister, Rani. Poses in the photo is quite seductive and sensual body display section Syahrini and Rani.

There are countless seven photographs that have been scattered. And the photos were pretty much invite negative reactions from the public.

In one photograph, for example, women like Rani was kissing her lips with a man. While the other photographed, and Rani Syahrini naughty posing with the body's top open.

Even more scandalous, in the photographs, there are two other terknal artist, that Barry Manilow and VJ Daniel Mananta.

In the photo man wearing a hat and sweater-like Barry Manilow middle affectionate embrace similar Syahrini woman in a room.

Meanwhile, another image, like a woman dressed in white Syahrini middle embraced three men with a very happy face. And one of the men were similar to VJ Daniel Mananta.
READ MORE - Foto Vulgar Aisyahrani ciuman

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Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Agni Pratistha syur

Agni Pratistha syur|Exciting photos of the artist's homeland and scattered back into the subject. Now turn Agni Pratistha beautiful artist who got the stone. In fact, the photo has long been outstanding.

The photos were made by Elle Magazine a few years ago. Then an internet site to upload the photos section, amounting to six photos.

In the photo, the owner's full name Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono appear sensual. In the two photos, body parts Agni is not wearing any clothes. Dressed in black hotpants and leg Shirts, Agni lying face down on the mattress. Meanwhile, in another photo, Agni appeared sensual with a thin clothing, so the underwear clearly visible.

However, in some internet forums, photographs of the artist's younger brother is getting a lot of Sigi Wimala blasphemy. Most forum participants regretted the action because Agni girl born December 8, 1987 This is Miss Indonesia 2006.

But not a few also in praise of Agni photographs. For them, Agni look beautiful and sensual in a photo published magazine that comes from the French.

Miss Indonesia 2006, to re-assert that he was not surprised especially disturbed by the circulation of exciting photos. However, he learned a lot not to accept the job posed Nudity origin. Agni promised to refuse if offered to pose in an adult magazine again.

Overall, there are seven photos that are deliberately displayed sensual Agni for the French magazine, Elle. Two of the seven photographs showing alias Agni topless topless with black hot pants with a pose was face down on the bed. Her feet were only wearing black socks, while the underwear under the bed.

Meanwhile, in another photo, Agni looks cheerful just wrapped a white undershirt shirt and black pants under a thick blanket. He also looks super sexy with a thin see-through clothing that shows the inside of his body.

Agni himself would not comment on these pictures. When contacted one of his close, Chasing the Sun is a movie star would not comment.

Ouch, that's really old photo. Why only now be discussed. Agni kak again busy in the office, can not be disturbed, "said the person close to Agni who did not want to be named.

The same thing also submitted girlfriend Agni, Herjunot Ali. Juno admitted wonder, why the image is only now fuss.
READ MORE - Agni Pratistha syur

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Foto Pacar Dara The Virgin Aruna Seven Dream

Dara The Virgin and Aruna Drummer Sevendream own courtship blurted from the mouth of the close friends of the girls, namely the Mitha.

Along the way to Jember, East Java, use the bus, Dara continued to face flushed. Because the owner of this red hair, constantly seduced by the passenger bus specifically designed to bring members of the band. Aruna name, band drummer Seven Dream, continually referred to. "So there are new rumors ya, Dara began to like it at Aruna, drum players," said Mitha that directly create Dara sulking by not talking, and sat with her face flushed.

Dara beautiful girl born in Tasikmalaya August 9 1991 formerly known as Dara Mamamia now known again as Dara The Virgin and on the rise with The Virgin Band under the auspices of the Republic of Ahmad Dhani is his love.

Show disebuah reality show that was broadcast by television station Indosiar, has brought the fragrant names Dara when it is, and the more success achieved by Dara when officially joined together Mitha in The Virgin Band.

The Virgin band indeed was the fruit of lips lately, and it appears that the proliferation profile of The Virgin samakin band sought after by the people through popular media today is the Internet.

Here is a song called Man Most Sexy is hosted by Dara when singing to Mamamia Show some time ago, and the following video was posted to video sharing site since July 2008

Do not be opened. I again boyfriend in India. Sharukh Khan, Dara said he continued to play a blackberry. Not until there alone, Mitha constantly teased vocalist in the band The Virgin is. brother (call Mitha at Dara-Red), Seven Dream've got buses, continue to have the inn as well, ya rich brother, said that increasingly made Mitha Dara immersed in a bus seat.

Dara was never close with Aruna. Even the few times they could talk seriously during a concert to welcome the band's birthday. But every time I approached Aruna, Dara tried to herald the camera does not capture the moment. "Let ah already," said Dara ask for no more talking about Aruna, who greeted the passengers Bus laughter.
READ MORE - Foto Pacar Dara The Virgin Aruna Seven Dream

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Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Foto Hot jessica iskandar

Foto Hot jessica iskandar | Jessica Iskandar is a model star, soap opera and film acting Indonesia. Chika, so called normal, began her career as a model and never was educated at John Casablanca models.

In personal relationships, Icha now being in a relationship with Efelon, descendants of Dutch-American Caucasians. Despite undergoing a long distance relationship, but it turns out Icha able to undergo its relationship with Efelon well which has been running two more this year.

But the popular artist Jesica iskandar Back again spread the news that hit the Indonesian artist. This time the artist's turn beautiful girl that is flawless in it's true Shur Photos Jessica Iskandar who is rumored to have spread on the internet. That which is rumored to photograph this iskandar Jessica was with her former lover named Alvalon Carpenter.let's discuss further whether true artist photo spread jessica iskandar

But when asked for comment, Jessica was reluctant to talk. Dealova movie stars who are usually friendly and easy to talk with reporters this time his mouth shut.

Chika (familiar greeting Jessica Iskandar), including a versatile artist. He also starred in a program on television. Until now he has appeared in at least four Indonesian movie titles and 3 titles soap opera. His name is getting bounced when he played in the movie Diva along with several other senior artists. However, despite being increasingly recognized by society, Jessica Iskandar is still a sweet girl who appears as it is, although on several occasions he appears in a sexy photo. Mini brand casual clothing and is often accompanied him when he sehari2 activity

In a chance on TV, a student majoring in Interior Design at the University of Trisakti revealed his dream to pursue business goals properties later. He wanted to be a success at a young age. And he believes that education is very important in supporting an artist's career. Well, we wait for the latest work from Jesica Iskandar, looking at a set of photos that you have successfully collected

Based on the news that I received news that Jessica Iskandar Photo Shur already spread within a site dewasa.Katanya some say that this is the first photo jessica kalai deploy even the closest people themselves.

But when Jessica iskandar questioned by reporters he declined to comment someone and just say that "I'm sorry Well, I was again busy. Again like (shooting) stripping," he said when asked for confirmation at the time.

But until now the existence of exciting photos jessica iskandar themselves about the truth is uncertain whether it was a mere hoax or right in the photo is indeed an artist jessica iskandar.
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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Foto Adegan Ciuman Kirana Larasati dengan Onci Ungu

Foto Adegan Ciuman Kirana Larasati dengan Onci Ungu |Kirana Lara had intimate scenes with Oncy in Purple Love. When viewing the results of his kiss scene with Oncy, Kirana was not satisfied.

Not once, so if the count is already 10 times the kiss as possible. I feel satisfied baseball, I feel less and times see the edit I think baseball confident, I Kirana when met at Planet Hollywood on Tuesday (05/10/2011).

In the movie, played the entire band Ungu, the Kirana role as Shelly. Because it contains usnur comedy, 23-year-old artist had found it difficult.

Not as easy as what I think and I've been trying to buffoonery it was difficult. Frankly ridiculous role was difficult and baseball as easy as I thought. But the director, finally can be funny, "he said.

Because of new things for his career, movie star Claudia / Jasmine is feeling challenged. Moreover, the former lover Awi Suryadi director is playing with a big band like Purple.

Really pleased. So varied types of movies that I play. When bored I could sing with them and they were quite friendly

Kirana continues, he does not pursue the target to get married, because he still felt at home Singles and enjoy life today. And was ejected from the lips of Kirana that he did not really like to have a boyfriend from the entertainment.

In fact, the lover, Warman Nasution, was the band personnel TOR, as lead vocals and melody. He's also entertainment, but I do not like the artist's girlfriend, did not match troublesome, not like aja, he admitted.

However, he should be grateful because her lover is a lover of a democratic figure. No restrictions apply to Kirana, especially in terms of career.

Nothing, really free until the kissing scene he's also not a problem, because it is his job. Democratic. Yes as long as it is not violating professional ethics wrote, she also like it because,
READ MORE - Foto Adegan Ciuman Kirana Larasati dengan Onci Ungu

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Video Artis Cleopatra Stratan Hebohkan dunia

Video Artis Cleopatra Stratan Hebohkan dunia Cleopatra Stratan born October 6, 2002 in Chisinau, Moldova, the daughter of Moldovan-Romanian singer, Pavel Stratan, is the Youngest person ever to score commercial success as a singer, with her 2006 album La vârsta de Trei ani At the age of 3 .

She holds the record for being the Youngest artist That performed live for two hours in front of a large audience, the highest paid young artist, the Youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the Youngest artist to score a 1 hit in a country.

Pavel Stratan, father of Cleopatra, was in a studio recording a song with 3 years old Cleopatra hanging around. Impulsively, she grabbed a microphone and started singing along with Pavel. Everybody was stunned so They ended up recording the song with Cleopatra performing the lead vocals rather Than Pavel.

The music video of a cute little girl named Cleopatra Stratan on the YouTube site, invite the attention of the world.

In the video 2:48 minutes, Cleopatra's 9-year-old who still sing the song Numar Pan'La Unu. Numar Pan'La UNU video now managed to attract audiences as much as 3,624,472 viewers.

Cleopatra Stratan who was born on October 6, 2002 in Chisinau, Moldova, is the youngest singer commercial success with her album La varsta de Trei ani release in 2006 when he was three years old.

Cleopatra also holds the record as the youngest artist who performed live for two hours in front of an audience ever, becoming the highest-paid young singer, the youngest artist to receive the honor of the MTV and the youngest artist who scored hits number one in the country.

lyric Ghita - Cleopatra Stratan

Hainita sta ins Cui
Afara soare nu-i
Nimic nu-i bun de cand
Ma gandesc la Ghita
Dar Ghita nu-i in sat
Eu m-am interesat
Imi pare ca-i plecat
Dupa granita ...
Greu, Tare mi-i de greu,
Vreau, da nu stiu ce vreau;
Stiu the ca tu ma placi
Spune, Ghita, ce tu Taci?
Vina ori ti du Ori
Ori spune da ori nu
Eu te rog nu ma-Nerva
Ghita ce-i cu viata ta?

REF: Ghita, te-astept la diseara portita
Langa portita de la scoala
Vini Vino da numa nu cum vii tu
De obicei where goala cu
Cine te mai ca asteapta the mine
O Seara intreaga numai pe tine.
Ghita, Arata-mi tu o fata care
Iubeasca asa sa te de Tare!

Ghita, te-astept la diseara portita
Langa portita de la scoala
Vini Vino da numa nu cum vii tu
De obicei where goala cu
Cine te mai ca asteapta the mine
O Seara intreaga numai pe tine.
Ghita, Arata-mi tu o fata care
Iubeasca asa sa te de Tare!

Ghita, te-astept la diseara portita
Langa portita de la scoala
Vini Vino da numa nu cum vii tu
De obicei where goala cu
Cine te mai ca asteapta the mine
O Seara intreaga numai pe tine.
Ghita, Arata-mi tu o fata care
Ïubeasca asa sa te de Tare!
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Foto hot dugem Ibas-BCL

Foto hot dugem Ibas-BCL |Democratic Party spokesman, Ruhut Sitompul, denied the photo guy like Edhis Baskoro Yudhoyono (Ibas) with several people, including artists Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) that circulate in the last two days.

Picture it, continued Ruhut, circulated only to character assassination against Ibas.

"In my opinion, it's not her picture Ibas. Only character assassination Ibas. Like the big tree in the wind, Ibas like that. However, its roots are strong. So, maybe not waver for things like that," he said, today.

Ruhut added, if the right is a photo Ibas and interest, according to him, then it is not something to be unproblematic.

Just compare Ibas past and present. Maybe that first photo. Incidentally now, right, he was a member of the Board. It's not different. If the BCL, it's not been married before, so it is natural that friends with whom he wrote. If the child Ibas President, indeed baseball should make friends with others, he said.

Some photo-like Ibas and BCL disseminated through bulletin "Opponent" by NGOs flag in one of their action. One photo showed the two were several other people in an odd place.

One photo shows Ibas and BCL and some friends at a shopping mall in Australia. Looks at the second picture, Ibas and BCL are always side by side. Finally, photos Ibas participate in watching the show together, which is part of the promotion of Danish products beer, Carlsberg. Not only that, there are also some photos showing the luxurious life of officials' children, including Ibas fiance, Siti Rubi Aliya Rajasa.

Furthermore, Ibas also reluctant to provide clarification when a reporter showed a picture that was published in a flyer. Earlier, in a bulletin "Opponent" Flag NGOs have published photographs allegedly Ibas with BCL artist in Australia. In addition, there are also photos Ibas when he joined the show to watch with my promotion of Danish products, Carlsberg.
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Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Video Skandal Ariel Diangkat Film

Video scandal involving Ariel and several artists were filmed in the title of "Due Intercourse Free (APB) 2". Pictures & Film Production BIC Productions Partner is soon to enter this week's shooting.

Directed by APB 2, Findo Purnomo confirmed that the film is lifted from the true story of the latter crowded mass media reported it. It's just actors or the characters changed. Screenwriters Aviv Elham change leaders to Denis for the figure of Ariel, Rasti (for Luna Maya) and Tiara (Dance Cut).

Other girls who become victims of them Earl Denis playboy who figure is actually the Lia Amalia (wife Ariel) and Monica. The latter is not yet know who portray the figure in the story of Ariel scandal video.

Producer APB 2, HM Word Star optimistic he made the film will be booming, at least equal to the outstanding first sequel APB April 2010 then.

As in the real story, narrated in love with Denis establish Rasty. The relationship secretly, though several times had caught reporters. In addition to the Rasty, Denis also secretly in a relationship with Tiara, an artist who already has a husband and children.

One time Denis lost his laptop where the video store that has been done with several women. Denis beard like fire, was furious, and immediately accused Jimmy yanag intentionally spreading the video page. Quarrels and fights between Denis and Jimmy re-occur.

Rasty not less angry when he learned the video is lost. They persevere. Then the news in the media mentions that the video scandal Denis and Rasty been circulated widely via the internet. Then followed the video Denis and Tiara, then with Monica, a singer who also once slept Denis.

This news became very excited in the community and be the center of conversation from the bottom up to the palace. Demonstrations were held against the video. At the same time Denis and Rasty escape, the fear of being judged an angry mob. One time Hendra, father Denis who was devastated to see Denis and asked him to surrender.

The film produced by Aviv Elham was lifted from a true story, but he did not want to refer to some prominent people who have had the story. As a result of Intercourse Free Movies 2 is planned to be aired in theaters on May 12, 2011.
READ MORE - Video Skandal Ariel Diangkat Film

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Foto Astrid Laena dan Zamuel Zylgwyn Berpacaran

Foto Astrid Laena dan Zamuel Zylgwyn Berpacaran Singer Astrid Laena hook soap star Samuel Zylgwyn to duet For You. Animates the song, Astrid and Samuel is so intimate.

Both are brought together musicians and songwriter era of the 1980s, Rev. WHL. Not carelessly, he Astrid carry the song. Revelation see great potential held Astrid.

Both Astrid and Samuel did not deny that they were eventually reunited because both have singing talent. Moreover, after the musician and songwriter Revelation WHL, asking for total pervading poetry for poetry in the song For You. From the vocal character of both, as if tervisualisasi really fell in love.

Astrid, insisted he had a dream since childhood wanted to become a professional singer. Although time was opposed to the family and schooled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Puncuk beloved side dish arrived, obsession and even then eventually accomplished. Because, now has managed to penetrate the tape path.

"Long enough, I was with a tough stand still asks his father and mother, so that would give the opportunity to be a singer. Again and again I resisted. However, having met Oom Revelation WHL, ultimately supported, too. Because, Oom Revelation gives confidence to the father and mother, if I say have a strong talent in singing field, "said Astrid, a girl born in Jakarta, January 9, 1993 that, when met in Jakarta, recently.

Because the family had to give maximum support, Astrid did not want to waste that trust. "I should be able to prove that I could become a professional singer. Moreover, the world of drag votes is one option I'm alive," said the couple's daughter is a successful politician and businessman.

While Samuel Zylgwyn, teen soap star, admitted to getting a new challenge. Moreover, he argues, should be a duet with Astrid Laena.

"Before you, if I only own singing. Now be a duet. There is clearly still feeling groggy, then? Just so that, after seeing the movie, I so wanted to succeed also in the path of singing," said the player in the production of soap operas that are still impressions Award in these RCTI
READ MORE - Foto Astrid Laena dan Zamuel Zylgwyn Berpacaran

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Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Artis andy soraya kemalingan hampir 900 juta

Artis andy soraya kemalingan hampir 900 juta New month new home in the area occupied Cilandak, South Jakarta, he was robbed. A number of jewelry worth 700 million that is stored in her bedroom closet, disappeared.

"Branded watches, diamond rings, earrings, precious metal is lost," he said when met at the White Box Cafe, Menteng, Central Jakarta, yesterday.

It happened when he was not at home on Wednesday (4 / 5) last. He was suspicious when I got home and find out doors, rooms, and an open closet and a former broken-down. "It seems incredible rob, he is targeting quality goods. In my closet there are also ring imitation, but not taken, the original course was taken, "he said.

Mother of two children was immediately reported it to authorities. Based on initial investigation, the perpetrator is more than two people. "I do not know (there are people involved in or not), let the police investigate. Police are checking his fingerprints, the culprit is more than two people. Just pray the police catch the perpetrators, "he said.

The incident was enough to make women born in Jakarta, June 18, 1976 was stressed. And he further stressed by the news and question people about the truth of the news itself is a member of the country Islam Indonesia (NII). "I was dizzy, a lot of work again, again piled up, news that not-not," he added.

Actress bloody Bugis again asserts itself not a member of the NII network although never to the pesantren Al-Zaytun, Indramayu, West Java. Ever do social action in there, he denied a boarding regular supporters who allegedly became the establishment of the NII.

"I just still need a deposit for my children. And I made a small country (foster home, Red) it always fails, how to get involved to build the country. For me this joke for my friends, "he said then laughed curtly.

Still feeling good name defamed, Andi not intend Police Former Minister of Production Increase NII Supriyanto Priest who threw the issue. "I support him Exterminate cronies. But please, focus and do not throw the stone hiding the hand. Washing your own sins by attracting others. But let it, I do not care, I've been pretty busy with my job, "he concluded.
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